How to Use Wall Clocks in Your Home

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Wall clocks are one of the most versatile and surprising types of décor you can have in your home. If you are someone who loves a good timepiece—whether they are classic/traditional in style or have a contemporary feel—you will definitely want to read the following top tips on how to use wall clocks in your home.

How to Use Wall Clocks in Your Home

Mix and match different types of clocks in your home for a unique décor

One of the best ways to use clocks in your home is to mix and match all different kinds in order to create a unique, memorable look. For instance, don’t limit yourself to having one in the kitchen. Have a vibrant, brightly coloured large wall clock in your kitchen—then a more subtle, elegant looking one that will give your living room a more mature feel. As they come in all shapes and sizes, from round to square to oval and everything in between, so you will definitely be able to mix and match many different styles.

Use wall clocks to add pops of color

Large timepieces in bright colours make for a simple way to add fun pops of colour in your home. Large wall clocks can be a great way to add some colour to a room. For instance, a bright blue design in a mostly grey room will add a nice brightening effect without taking away from the overall atmosphere and vibe of the room. Pops of colour don’t have to be large, however—even smaller and more subtle styles can add colour to your home.

Choose elegant time pieces to add a classic look to any interior

If you would rather stick with a home decor style that is classic and elegant, you’ll want to look for styles with an elegant design. There are many clocks in both modern and vintage styles that will look perfect in an elegantly themed room. Perhaps a rolex wall clock will match up your theme. For best results, stick to those in subtle colours such as white, eggshell, grey or black.

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Keep a wall clock in your kitchen

One thing is for sure when it comes to clocks in your home: they look fabulous in a kitchen! A kitchen is one of the most common areas for time, due to the fact that cooking and baking in a kitchen frequently requires the cook to check the time. If you plan on using one as a timer, make sure it’s a style that you can quickly and easily read. But if you prefer to rely on your stove or kitchen counter timer, then feel free to get more creative with your chosen design.

Have both analogue and digital clocks in your home

Many people think that they have to stick to one type of clock: either analogue or digital. But the truth is, you can mix and match both types in your home and even in a single room. Remember, when you plan to add wall clocks to your home keep the above tips in mind and then have fun with choosing the perfect fit your chosen room.

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