Do You Have Valuables You Want To Store Somewhere Safely? Try These Tips

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There must be at least one or more valuable items in your home. Whether it’s jewelry, documents, or money, safekeeping can be a headache. You need to protect your valuables from fire, water damage, or theft, whether at home or in your business. That’s why we made this homeowner guide on how to store valuables safely on the budget.

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While desk drawers, cabinets, and locked rooms may help, these often draw attention from burglars or people without authorized access to the stored items. This is why it pays to get extra thoughtful when looking for options to store your dear possessions safely. If you fear losing your most valuable possessions, you should fearless, because you are looking at the right page. Here are some tips you could use to ensure your valuables are safely stored.

1. Lock It Up In a Vault

A vault is one of the most secure ways to stash your valuable stuff for safe-keeping. If you get a quality vault, penetrating it is usually very difficult without the right key or combinations. With one of the most secure safes out there, it can be virtually impossible for a burglar to crack without spending enormous time or making explosive attention-attracting noise. You can protect your valuable possessions at home or in the business place with little worry that they might get lost or stolen. Whether it’s an extensive collection of sensitive documents or expensive jewelry a home vault can be a great choice. You may also want to keep your gun out of children’s reach in a vault. Although a decent vault will often come at a higher price tag, it is an unregrettable investment when you have a range of valuables to secure.

­­2. Use Heavy-Duty Boxes and Airtight Containers

You may want to store valuables, which are unlikely to be stolen but still need safekeeping from water or fire. Some of these may include books, documents, or photographs that risk damage from moisture and pests. Store them in airtight plastic containers on a high shelf to prevent damage from water in case of leakage. For items like fine china, heavy-duty boxes might be an excellent option. It prevents them from moving around, risking breakage.

3. Consider a Safe

A safe is smaller than a vault, but it’s also hard to crack open. You can buy a big or small safe, depending on where you want to position it. With a safe, you have to look for a secure place in your house to hide it. A vent, the floor, the walls, or even behind a mantel are some excellent places to hide your safe. Just make sure to get one from a decent brand with advanced safety technology and features. The best thing about safes is that they come in a wide range of options to pick from depending on your needs. Some safes can be opened without combination and burglars know that. Don’t buy a cheap safe that anybody can open. Invest in a safe that is completely burglar proof.

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4. Set Aside a Safe Room

You can have a spare room in your house where you keep your valuables. This space can even be a closet as long as it’s lockable. If you can, hire a contractor to adjust the available space and make a safe room. Because a safe room isn’t as secure as a vault, ensure it’s located in the most private area of your house, such as a bedroom. A safe room is also a perfect place to keep those valuables you need to access quickly.

5. Get Creative

Creativity comes in handy whenever you have a concern with the safety of your possessions. If you’re feeling a bit creative, you can turn to some DIY hacks for safety storage and organization. One way to keep your valuables safe is inside hollowed-out books. Burglars are unlikely to search in your library when they raid or break into your home. You may also try false VHS cartons as a storage place because nobody watches VHS anymore. Still, you can keep smaller items inside a house plant vase but make sure the items you store there are waterproof. If you have an old fridge lying in your basement, it can also be a great place to stash a few of your valuables creatively.

Your house is likely full of items you value and want to keep safe. For this reason, you can explore various options to protect them from burglars or natural disasters and store your valuables safely. Consider installing a vault if you have large items to store, but a safe would also do a similar job for smaller stuff. You can also have a spare room where you can lock up your valuables or try out some DIY hacks such as hollowed-out books.

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