Tips to Redesign Your Bedroom Without Breaking Your Budget

Redecorating or remodeling your home is something many people do on a regular basis. Most of the redesigning involves areas of the home such as the living room, bathroom, and even the kitchen. For whatever reason, the bedroom is the last room we consider when redecorating/remodeling. It may be due to a lack of ideas but it’s most likely due to the budget. The good news is that you can redesign your bedroom in several ways without destroying your budget and even add a nice queen size bed in the same budget.

Tips to Redesign Your Bedroom With Breaking Your Budget

Here are some helpful tips for designing your bedroom without going over your budget.


While some people use their bedroom solely for sleeping, others use it for other things such as  reading or watching television or just relaxing. Walls are probably the first thing you see when you enter your bedroom, and there are several things you can do to your walls that will give it a new look or, at the very least, make it brighter and more cheerful. You can paint your walls, hang up family pictures or decorative art, use wallpaper, etc. Things like this can make a big difference in the overall appearance of the room. If you choose to paint your walls, you can choose to paint all four walls the same color or mix it up a little.


If you’re like most people, your bed and bedroom furniture has been in the same spot for years. You’d be surprised how rearranging your furniture can make your bedroom look like a brand new room. If your bed has always been on the north wall, consider moving it to another wall. Do the same with your dressers, chairs, or whatever furniture you might have in your room. This will give your room a new appearance


Changing the flooring in your bedroom can also give your bedroom a new look. If your carpeting is old and worn, you might consider replacing it with new carpet or replacing it with laminate flooring. Laminate and hard flooring come in many styles and designs and it’s also a relatively inexpensive fix that you can do yourself. If you already have hard flooring, consider getting some throw rugs to place throughout the room. When you’re first getting out of bed, nothing feels as good as a thick shag rug under your feet. When you coordinate the rugs with the walls or the bedding, your bedroom may look like it was professionally redesigned.


Have you been looking at the same bedding for months or years? If so, it’s definitely time for a change. You can purchase some inexpensive sheet sets at your local bedding store or online. Between silk, cotton, or flannel, you have many choices for your new bedding. How comfortable your bed is can play an important role in how you view your bed and your bedroom. It might also be time to replace your mattress. Replacing your mattress can improve not only your comfort level but also your sleeping habits. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can cause many health problems down the road. You can purchase an affordable mattress in stores or online. This might be the time to get a larger mattress if you’ve been feeling cramped. You might also want to consider a few coordinating throw pillows for your bed.

Tips to Redesign Your Bedroom With Breaking Your Budget - modern bedroom


Is your dresser or nightstand the only piece of furniture you have in your bedroom? Do you have other pieces like a desk, rocker, or dressing table? If you’re a DIY person, this would be a great time to refinish your bedroom furniture. You can sand off the old finish and repaint or stain the furniture in a color that appeals to you and coordinates with your other bedroom features. Sanding and painting may sound like a lot of work, but the results will be more than worth the time and effort. If you’ve been wanting to add a few pieces to your room, this might also be the time to start looking for sales. Your local thrift store might have inexpensive pieces of bedroom furniture that you can use to add to/match what’s already in your room.


Are your bedroom and closet depressing to look at because there is so much clutter and no place to store it? Believe it or not, this is the case with many people so don’t feel alone. Go through your closet and if you haven’t worn something in over a year, get rid of it. Have a garage sale or take it to your local goodwill if you can. When it comes to organizing your closet, closet organizers and stackable totes are very affordable. They look great, promote better organization, and will take care of much of the clutter. If you have a small room with little floor space, consider purchasing some brackets and hang the totes on the wall.


If your bedroom is dark and depressing to enter into, new or better lighting might be the answer. If you have a bedside lamp, consider moving it to the other side of the bed. You can also purchase a new lampshade in colors that match your mood and your bedroom. A hanging lamp or floating lamp from Floately might also brighten things up and can also bring up some creativity as well. LED lights are very popular and very inexpensive to use and they can give your room an entirely different appearance.

Redecorating and remodeling your home can be a very fun and exciting time. And while you may be able to redecorate most of the areas in your house, don’t allow your bedroom to go undecorated! You spend a lot of time in your bedroom and so redecorating/remodeling your bedroom can help you become excited again about spending time in there. With the tips discussed in this article, you can also redecorate and remodel your bedroom without breaking your budget.

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