5 Genius Ways to Use Concrete in Your Interiors

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When it comes to popular interior design trends, concrete is having a moment. Once reserved for basements and garages, nowadays this cool composite material is being implemented into many contemporary interiors, giving them a distinctly urban feel. Raw and beautiful, this building material is taking the world by storm and for good reason. From countertops and kitchen islands to fireplaces and home décor, the bold and edgy look of concrete can elevate the look of any interior, acting as a neutral backdrop while also infusing your living space with a dose of unexpected.

5 Genius Ways to Use Concrete in Your Interiors

Applicable in a plethora of different design styles ranging from farmhouse and industrial to minimalistic and Bohemian, this on-trend finish is easy to introduce in your home and can help spruce it up a bit. If you’re eager to try the trend yourself, take a look at these five genius ways you can do it.

For your kitchen countertops

Timeless and durable, concrete is being increasingly used in areas such as the kitchen. Even though it might seem like an unusual choice for this room, a concrete countertop can be a useful thing to have in a place where so much time is spent during the day. Cement countertops are heat and scratch-resistant, which means you don’t have to worry about damaging them while preparing your food. Once the regular sealing is done, concrete surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, and annual sealing is also needed in order to protect this material from staining. Rock solid and sturdy, concrete countertops make for long-lasting, durable surfaces. Fabricating them takes a lot of skill and experience, but they are a great investment since they can improve real estate value if you ever decide to sell.

For your bathroom sink

Another great way to implement this interior design trend into your living space is by installing concrete sinks. Innovative and refreshing, cement sinks give off that work-in-progress kind of vibe, reminiscent of warehouses and industrial settings. It lends a note of innovative design while still retaining all the functions and characteristics of a regular sink.

Since concrete sinks come in a myriad of styles, shapes, and sizes, they will easily blend into your interior regardless of its style. It is a perfect way to try the trend without going over the top. Whether you choose to go with smooth and polished or matte and rough-hewn surface texture, you can rest assured that your concrete sink will stand the test of time while also infusing your space with industrial charm.

For your shelves

Minimalistic and simple in design, concrete shelves are becoming a part of many contemporary interiors. A stylish way to show off your books and décor, cement shelves are a functional element that will provide extra room for all those things you need but can’t find the place to store them. Floating shelves don’t take a lot of space, and they’re practical and chic – what’s not to love about them? A space-savvy solution for small spaces, concrete shelves are also an easy DIY project if you’re a homeowner who’s crafty. An aesthetically pleasing storage solution, the simplicity and rawness of cement open shelving will look great in spaces designed in industrial or minimalistic style.

For your floors

What homeowners seem to love the most about concrete is its versatility. It allows you to be creative and choose how you want to incorporate this composite material into your home without any restraints. This design trend is becoming more and more prominent as homeowners discover the possibilities that come with concrete flooring. A durable solution for large spaces, concrete floors are a great way to refresh your living space and give it a modern, up-to-date look.

5 Genius Ways to Use Concrete in Your Interiors - concrete flooring

With so many beautiful design options and modern techniques for concrete finishing, you can easily introduce this versatile material into your home no matter what its style is. Whether you opt for polished, colored, or natural stone look, concrete flooring will make for a timeless, elegant living space.

As a decorative accent

If you’re eager to give this trend a try but are hesitant about going all in with larger surfaces such as countertops or walls, maybe you can start small. A couple of decorative pieces made of concrete go a long way in implementing this material into your living space without going over the top. From pendant lights and lamp bases to hooks and knobs, cement accents can easily transform your living space and give it that raw, beautiful look. You can also make your own concrete candle holders for your scented candles, or design concrete planters to shield the fragile roots of your plants. That way, you can add a touch of concrete to your home without the fear of overdoing it.

When it comes to designing innovative contemporary interiors, concrete continues to reign supreme over other natural elements. You can find inovative concrete products in places like Concrete Company Sioux Falls South Dakota. Bold and edgy, it will bring a dose of freshness into your home and serve as a functional and decorative finish. Considering its durability and its timeless and adaptable appeal, it’s no wonder why many homeowners are incorporating this design element into their residences. And when you combine its status of a common fixture on Instagram feeds with all the attention it has been getting lately, it doesn’t seem like this solid interior design trend is going away anytime soon.

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