How to Update Your Family Room to Make It Feel Modern and Stylish

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Is your family room in desperate need of a makeover? Does it feel tired and dated, making it the most uninviting room in your house? For many homeowners, the family room is the spot where everyone relaxes, perhaps watches television, plays some board games, and even entertains guests. For those reasons you want the kind of space that is not only comfortable but that you feel pride in showing off.

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To help you bring style back into your family room, here are some modern updates you can make.

Clear Out the Clutter – Make the Space Feel Open and Fresh

Before you start thinking about redesigning the space, a decluttering project should be on the table. Taking away all the unnecessary “stuff” will instantly open up the space, and make it feel bigger, fresher, more modern, and cleaner. It’s only once you have cleared away the clutter that you can begin to work on a design plan.

Is It Time to Update the Furniture and Embrace a New Style?

Furniture tends to be the largest object in any room, so it makes a statement whether you intend for that to be the case or not. So what’s the statement your current furniture is making? If it’s more than five years old, there’s a good chance it’s no longer stylish so it’s not adding to the room. To make the space feel modern, opt for furniture that is more streamlined without extra bulk. All pieces should have clean lines and not contain “ornate” features. Don’t feel boxed in to go with the traditional pieces either. Maybe a sofa doesn’t work for the space, maybe you prefer a few armchairs and a loveseat instead?

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Use Smart Lighting to Give Better Control and Additional Features

If it’s modern features you’re after then installing smart lighting is the way to go. Smart lighting gives you total control over the ambiance in the room, in terms of lighting. You can set timers, and operate the lighting remotely, and depending on the bulb it may have a dimming feature or even the ability to change colors. Be sure to also consider how the color of the lighting – warm, cool, or natural – affects the space. You can choose just one or have a mixture. Sites such as Bazz lighting offer a whole host of smart lighting products so you can find something that works with the available space in your family room and the décor.

It’s Time for a New Color Palette

The best way to make an impact in the room is to choose a new color palette and paint the walls. Even if you weren’t to do anything else, this one simple tip will transform the space. Some of the best paint colors for a modern space include:

  • Grey
  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green

You can experiment with the depth and intensity of the colors, but try to stay on the cool-tone side of things to make it feel crisp and modern.

You’ll Love the Space You Have Designed

Using all of these tips will ensure that you love the new and modern-looking family room that you have designed.

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