The Ultimate Guide in Scarifying Your Lawn

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Winter is fast approaching and that means it’s time to clean up and scarify our lawns. We all want our lawn to be the most well maintained during the pesky, cold winter months, right? Let’s face it. Our lawns would be a mess if you didn’t tend it properly when it’s most needed to enjoy your surroundings. If no one takes care of their lawns, the healthy aspects of your lawn dwindle down to nothing. Why let your home’s surroundings be down in the dumps when you need to take pride in it?

The Ultimate Guide in Scarifying Your Lawn

What do we do when we normally upkeep our lawns? All minds mostly go to only mowing the lawn or weeding. You want to have that expert lawn look for the upcoming season, but you don’t know how to achieve this beyond the basic necessities. Don’t worry because we have all the tips and tricks you need for scarifying your lawn.

Lawn Scarifier

This is the key tool to make your lawn looking fresh and well maintained. Also known as a dethatcher, this tool is used to remove dead grass from your lawn as well as grass clippings from when you mowed your lawn. In a way, it’s like a rake, but better.

When to Scarify

The crucial part in this process it the time when to scarify a lawn. The time to do it is based off a few factors. Your lawn will need time to recover from the last time you scarified it, so plan to do it in Spring and Autumn. You want to do this when the temperature is permitting, regardless of rain or sunshine. It’s best to avoid doing in the summer or winter as the temperatures will either be too hot or too cold for scarifying to work.


This is the best time for doing some light scarifying of your lawn. You’ll be removing any moss that starts growing at a more accelerated rate when the weather is leaving behind the frigid winter.

The ultimate guide in scarifying your lawn - benefits of lawn scarification


Heavy scarifying your lawn is essential to do this time of year. Why though? Doesn’t it thin your lawn out too much? The short answer is yes, but it’s definitely worth the sacrifice. You’ll be unable to touch up your lawn during the winter months as it’ll be too cold to do so. This means you’ll have way less of a weeding problem when spring comes around.

Why Scarify Your Lawn?

There are many reasons to do this and all of them are crucial to your lawns healthiness. Who wants a dead yard anyway? I’m sure none of us do, which is why you must scarify your lawn.


Scarifying your lawn will remove any organic matter preventing your lawn from taking in oxygen. The more oxygen your lawn takes in, the healthier it will look.

Water Intake

Doing this loosens up the soil, making it easier for your lawn to intake the water it needs to thrive and stay alive when it needs to most.

Scarifying your lawn is crucial to its health and continually growth. Not only does it help our lawn stay healthy, but also keeps it aesthetically pleasing during the lushest time of the year. Your lawn will be the best on the block when you use all these scarifying tips and tricks.

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