Types of Electric Saws

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Electric saws are one of the most versatile types of power tools. They have been discovered to be adaptable due to their flexibility. Some of the most popular electric saws available today are the 18 volt, 60 volts, and 98-volt modifications. These saws can also be used with other power tools, like electric drills and impact drivers.

Types of Electric Saws

The most common use of electric saws is woodworking. They are available in two different types – Electric Handheld Saw and Electric Vertical Saw. Other commonly used electric saws are made to cut rip, crosscut, curve shape, and angle shapes. These saws are typically employed to cut various kinds of wood, metal, plastic, plywood, including solid and thin wood materials.

Band Saw

Band saws are one of the most popular saws for woodworking and other wood cutting applications. Jigsaw and Band saw blades move continuously. Therefore Band saw works similar to a jigsaw. Besides, you can’t carry Band saw because their size and weight are enormous. This saw blade looks like an extended line and is flexible. That’s why it is called a Band saw.A band saw can cut vertically and horizontally. These types of saws are mainly used to cut hardwoods and hard maple. Other applications for these saws include resawing, commercial woodcutting, wood splitting, removing mold and disease from hardwood,

Uses: Cut Heavy Wood, Metal, several boards & PVC


Chainsaws are usually used for cutting branches from trees. They are typically obtained by cutting down old trees or taking down damaged trees with wood. Usually, A sharp teeth chain continuously rotates by a motor. That’s why it is called a chainsaw. There are multiple types of chain saws.

  • Gas chainsaws
  • Electric Chain saw
  • Manual Chain saw

Electric Chain saw: Electric chain saws are mainly operated by an electrical motor. Motor gets powers from the battery or maybe the corded power source.

Manual Chain saw: It looks like a bicycle chain that operates by humans. A manual chain saw works slowly and loses energy. That’s everyone prefers electric Chain saw.

Chainsaw are also used in large-scale wood chipping. The powerful motor is mounted underneath the saw’s blade to lift the edge to a height of 30 to 60 feet. A chainsaw’s power meter also displays its output and the input voltage, allowing operators to control the motor and other aspects of the chainsaw.

Uses: Cutting more giant trees

Flooring saw

We use jigs for flooring, but flooring saws are uncommon for us. It is mainly designed for rip cuts and crosscuts that are the best saw for Hardwood Flooring. The floor saw is an appropriate power saw for any flooring project and provides you very efficient cuts. The floor saw is also used to clean the floor, DIY enthusiasts, and trim any metal fixtures on the floor. The easiest and fastest way to make precise cuts on a hardwood floor is with a flooring saw. Teeth are usually spiral or hexagonal cross-sections. The main advantage of this saw is to work hardwood and cabinets.

Table Saw

A table saw is a wooden tool with an adjustable table and a large blade in front, which cuts a surface. A round blade is situated above the flat surface. You can easily cut everything by pushing the materials. The crosscut blade is at the top of the table, where the saw teeth are fitted. The saw table is adjusted to one of three levels, which determines the speed and accuracy of the table saw. Also, you can adjust the speed of the table saw. Table saws are used to cut softwood, plywood. Moreover, a table saw is capable of cutting both straight and angle shapes. Woodworks portable table saw works using home wood such as wall cabinets, kitchen decoration, etc. Always be careful to use it, table saws are very dangerous.

Types of Electric Saws - table saw


Jigsaws are used for assembling or attaching jigs for creating a specific type of object. It is a handheld electric saw. The jigsaw blade moves up and down. It is called the child of a band saw. With a band saw, you can cut hardwood materials but not possible on a jigsaw. They are commonly used for making jigs in woodworking, sewing, and upholstery, and making woodworking clamps and furniture mounts. A jigsaw can cut irregular and curved lines. They are also used in other non-saws-based industries, such as stamping and making windows and other architectural components. Another use of jigsaw is cut plastic, metal, and ceramic tiles.

Circular saw

The most common lightning saw is the handheld electric saw, also known as the round saw. A round blade with rotational motion gives you the right cut. The circular saw looks like a table with left and right-hand options available in the market. That’s why everyone is satisfied with a round saw. You can also use a cordless circular saw and mechanic garage outside the house. A circular saw is used to cut straight. These cutting tools are relatively inexpensive and small in size. Round saws are the most used cutting tools among professionals. You can use round saws to cut plastic, wood, masonry, metal, and home improvement projects.

Reciprocating saw

A Reciprocating SAW looks like a jigsaw and has a fast-running wide blade. This type of saw is not capable of cutting curved shapes. Please, people, do not recommend it for the project. Mutual saws are used in various applications such as cutting fasteners, branches, and other hard materials such as metal. The cutting equipment resembles a jigsaw and is usually mounted on a stationary vehicle. Also, you can use it for tubing and plastic. Destruction projects such as cutting pipes and nails for cordless reciprocating saw.

Compound meter saw

A compound meter is also an improved version of a one-meter saw. Generally, you can make three types of cuts: straight, compound and meter cut. You can create a 90-degree angle cut by a compound meter saw. These compound meter saws are sharp, round blade saws that are usually mounted in a simple process. The cutting process consists of a slide-mounted blade with a handle attached to the end of the saw. The mechanism has a joint that prevents the saw from rotating around a bearing axis, ensuring a more uniform cut and working more efficiently.

Meter saw

This compound is a smaller version of the miter saw. Mainly use a miter saw to work the floor. It’s a handheld saw, and the design is a way to sit on a tabletop. These are commonly used for cabinet cutting, top or bottom pruning, and wood pruning. It is a good choice for precise cuts and is very safe to use. If you need wooden tools, a miter saw is the best choice for you.

Scroll saw

A scroll saw is a tiny handheld saw used to make precise cuts, such as for fitting molds. Scroll saws are used to mold the inside and outside of a building. Also, it is best for cutting wood and curved shapes. Usually, a scroll saw is combined with a band saw and a reciprocating saw. You can use jigsaws for curves, but you can give actual results by looking at a scroll.

Chop saw

The chop saw is a versatile cutting saw and is also called friction saw and cut-off saw. It is comparable to a meter saw, but miter saws are much better than a chop saw. It is best to cut straight lines, such as to make a dowel or through its crosscut blade. Ideal for cutting inside and outside chop saw pipes, fittings, and heavy-duty applications. It is done to prevent corrosion and environmental damage. Another use of chop saws is to make internal clamps and other clamps for adding materials.

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