12 Table Saw Woodworking Safety Tips

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When working with table saws, one should be careful. In this article, I will be sharing some of the most important table saw safety tips that everybody should follow in order to stay away from any accidents. This article is very important for beginners.

Table Saw Woodworking Safety Tips

Keep on reading if you are interested to learn more about safety when working with wood and especially with table saws.

1. Safety Equipment

I have seen many people ignoring this dominant safety rule. You should always wear safety glasses and some hearing protection. Avoid wearing jewelry, neckties, and loose-fitting clothes when working with saws, as all of them can harm you in ways that you can’t even imagine.

2. Clean Area

The most important tip before you saw is to clean your workspace. There should be no extra stock, cutoff, or extra sawdust. Any of these things can get in your way. A piece of stock may fly in your way if it gets in contact with the moving blade.

3. Checking of safety features

Before you saw, make sure to check all of the safety features properly. All of them should be functioning. If not, then get it checked or use another saw. The table saw safety features include a riving knife, saw blade guard, anti-kickback pawls. All of these are designed to maintain safety.

4. Use of outfeed tables

If you are cutting a large piece of stock, then make sure to use some kind of outfeed table or stand that will help you to get that extra support. It will also make the process of cutting easier.

5. Turn the power off before changing the blade

If you are going to change the blade or make any internal adjustment, make sure to turn the power off before doing it. It will save you from any chance of getting an electric shock.

6. Never start with an engaged blade

Before using the saw to cut, make sure that the blade of the saw does not have any material left in it. If you see something, remove it and then start using it on your desired material. The blade should be at its full speed before the beginning of the cut.

using miter saw

7. Good position

When you are doing woodwork, make sure to stand at a distance from the solid stance and maintain a good balance of your body. You should never stand in front of the blade so that if a kickback occurs, it will slide past the midsection of the operator.

8. Never make adjustments on a moving blade

Make sure that you never reach or make any adjustments to the moving blade. Wait for the blade to completely stop, turn the power off, and then you may make any adjustments that you wish for.

9. Usage of proper inserts

If you are using a table saw, make sure that a proper zero clearance blade is used. Without the blade insert, a piece of stock can fall into the cabinet and become a projectile.

10. No freehand cuts

I will highly suggest you never make a freehand cut; always use the fence or miter gauge. It will guide you much better. Never use both of them together as a piece of stock can bind against the fest.

11. Check stock for any foreign objects

Before starting the process of sawing, make sure to check the board that is underworking thoroughly. There should be absolutely no foreign objects like a nail, screw, staple, or anything for that matter. Any foreign object would be extremely dangerous for the user if it came in contact with the blade. Make sure to work in a clean space with no extra objects.

12. Use of Push Sticks

Use of push stick is suggested as it avoids the use of woodworker’s bare hands and fingers. A push stick will help the woodworker to stay as away from the blade as possible. A push stick is used to push the blade through the board.


All of the above-mentioned table saw safety tips are necessary for everyone, and they should be followed at all costs in order to saw safely. I hope you learned some amazing tips. Happy sawing to you, and bye from my side!

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