How to use jigsaw

In one of our previous articles, What saw to use, we covered the types of saws and their uses and after publishing it we got several requests to show how to handle each of those saws. We decided to start with the jigsaw because it is the most common saw in a DIY homeowner’s garage and because it is the most affordable saw. Jigsaw is small and handheld and that makes it a bit less intimidating than the bigger power saws.
how to use jigsaw

The jigsaw can cut straight lines when pushed up against a guide like a long level or board, but, it really excels at cutting curves, profiles and circle cuts.

how to use jigsaw

Jigsaw is mostly used by DIY homeowners to cut curved handles into a crate, cut profiles in panels to fit around an outlet or the baseboards and things like that. Like we already said, jigsaw is not an expensive tool and the cheapest model can be bought at a price under 25$. If you want a high quality jigsaw at affordable price then we advised you to check our review of Makita 4329K jigsaw.

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