TV buying guide: What to look for

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When choosing a new TV, it can always be a difficult choice. Buying a TV is far different from buying the likes of a pair of shoes, or a new jacket, these items can be easily returned if they don’t do. However, if you buy a TV, mount it to your wall, begin using it, then decide you don’t like it. The option to return this will be relatively slim. This is why it is important to research what qualities you are looking for within a TV before going ahead and purchasing one.

TV buying guide

Here we will provide you with a TV buying guide to highlight what features to look out for before making a purchase.

Smart TV or Normal TV

The price gap between a Smart TV and a Normal TV can be relatively large, as a Smart TV offers a lot more advanced qualities than a normal TV. For those who do not know the difference, smart TVs evolved around the year 2007, demonstrating that internet services can be used through your TV. Nowadays, the majority of households use smart TVs over normal TVs because of the streaming services and internet services that are available to them. You must ensure that you have an internet connection to make full use of a smart TV otherwise it will only act like a normal TV. We recommend opting for a smart TV if you believe you will make use of the services however, alongside this, to ensure that you still have access to live TV make sure that you have a working TV aerial. Contact for aerial installations or replacements.


Sizing is important to consider when TV buying, although everyone would love a large, ultra-modern TV, that is not always advised considering their housing or room situation. You want to make sure that the inch size you choose fits the dimensions of the wall. As well as this, although the larger TVs tend to offer the best resolution, consider the eye level of the viewers. If the TV is going to be fitted in your living room, you want to make sure that the size corresponds with the overall space of the room and the distance to the seats on your sofa. The last thing you would want to do is strain your eyesight by looking at an extremely large TV that is too close to you.

TV buying guide - choosing a tv


After selecting your TV, ask yourself? Should my TV be placed on a stand or unit, or the wall? TV wall mounting is much more popular these days as we see more and more homes with TVs on their wall instead of on a stand. Wall mounting a TV provides the room with a sleeker finish and also allows you to utilise space by ditching your old TV stand. When mounting your TV, you want to make sure that you have a TV bracket that corresponds with the 4 mounting holes on the back of the TV. If these do not link, the bracket simply will not hold the TV, which could result in TV or floor damage. If mounting a TV sounds like an extreme DIY job to you or a family member, why not contact a professional. Aerial Express can provide you with a full TV wall mounting service and can also supply one of the three types of TV brackets offered. Why not reduce the risk and stress of mounting your TV by passing this task onto the professionals!

OLED or LED LCD screen

If you are a tech-savvy individual and care about your screen display, it is important to establish the difference between the two types of screens when TV buying. The main difference is that an LED LCD screens display is produced by a backlight that illuminates pixels, whereas an OLED screen presents its own light. There are a few qualities that make the two types different regarding contrast, brightness, and colour. Although many believe that an LED LCD screen is a better option for a TV it is down to the household and their TV expectations. We would advise demonstrating your wants to the TV professionals in retail stores so that they can show you some options of screen displays before you make your final decision on your chosen TV.

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    As newlyweds and first-time homeowners, my husband and I’s first order of business is to find the perfect TV. What can I say? We’re both huge film geeks! We appreciate your tip on how when purchasing a TV, size is an important factor to take into account. While it’s true that everyone would want to own a giant, ultra-modern TV, it’s not always advisable given their living condition or room arrangement. Instead, you said that you should make sure the inch size you select will match the wall’s proportions. Thanks, we’ll keep this in mind while we also look for a professional smart TV installation service.