How to Create a Cosy Living Room for Winter

One of the great joys of cold weather is the pleasure you get from wrapping up warm inside a nice cosy living space. Add a bowl of your favourite winter-spiced soup, a few blankets, and the right loungewear, and you’ve got a recipe for a space in which you can truly unwind.

How to Create a Cosy Living Room for Winter

But exactly which elements must come together for a living room to be worthy of the name at this time of year?


All of the usual colour-theory rules apply just as much during winter as they do during summer. But at this time of year, you’ll want an extra injection of warm, relaxing shades, or perhaps darker, more muted colours. You can introduce these temporarily with the help of blankets and throws, which you can drape over the furniture. Don’t neglect the impact that the right lighting can have, too. Ideally, warmer colours work best – for those especially dull winter evenings, you might elect to drag the warmth all the way down to a shade of orange. Drapable fairy lights work brilliantly. Get the ones whose colour can be tweaked, and you’ll have something that’s fit for every time of year.


As well as thinking about the colours you’re using, you might want to think about how the room really ‘feels’. Luxury fabrics, curved lines, and the elimination of cold, glossy surfaces will all contribute to a more inviting overall feel. Accessories such as rugs, throw pillows, and blankets will help create the feel you want to achieve. Invest in high-quality accessories that look and feel great and add to the appeal of your living room. From luxurious fur rugs to custom photo blankets, the right fabrics have a way of injecting warmth and charm into any space.

How to Create a Cosy Living Room for Winter - fireplace


Those little accent items can really help to generate that cosy feeling. You don’t need that many of them to create the right vibe, though bear in mind you can always subtract a few if you end up going too far. Cushions and soft rugs work excellently, especially if the floors are hard. Greenery has a proven positive effect on your state of mind, which can be even more beneficial during winter-time, when many of us are prone to feeling excessively glum. You might install a potted plant or two, or even a herbarium on the wall. On the coffee table, it’s best to go for a minimal approach. But some items, like coasters and candle-holders, can really pull their weight, and help you to create the right vibe.


Since the sofa is where you’ll be spending the clear majority of your time during winter. If you’re looking for a big upgrade on your existing sofa, then you’ll have no shortage of options to consider. Many households prefer corner sofas, which help to get the best possible use of the available space. If you already like the sofa you have, then you might consider modifying it, or supplementing it with additional items like footrests and side-tables. After all, you’ll need a place to set your hot drink while you’re unwinding.

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