Trendy shabby chic ideas for the home

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The idea of a shabby chic home started to get popular a few years ago, and it continues to be popular today. Especially for those who are fond of the vintage and upcycled look, this design aesthetic is perfect for them.

shabby chic home decor

What’s great about turning your home style into shabby chic is that you don’t need to buy new furniture that will cost a lot of money. With a few a tips and tricks, you can turn old furniture and other small knick-knacks into the perfect shabby chic furniture. Every part of your home, from the bedroom to the kitchen and even the porch or garden can be turned into a shabby chic haven. Read on for some ideas you can incorporate if you want to go for a more shabby chic style for your home.

Turn old mold ceilings into a frame for your bathroom – are you a fan of old vintage frames found in the 19th century? You can make that more modern by turning it into a mirror! Just get those old, elaborate frames or old moldings, some undercoat and acrylic matte paint to get started with your project. There are many tutorials found in websites so just look for the look that you like best, then follow the instructions.

Use glass bottles and tin can for other uses – as previously said, you do not need to buy new things to get that shabby chic look. If you have old tin cans and glass bottles, you don’t have to throw them away as you can repurpose them for other uses. Just get your old tin cans, make sure they are not rusted of course, and your old bottles, choose a color of paint and paint them whatever you want. For a more distressed look, you can use steel wool after the paint has dried.

shabby chic living room

Distress your furniture – a distressed piece of furniture is one the iconic looks in shabby chic design. If you have a table, chair or dresser that has endured many scratches, you can give them a new look by painting them color white or pink or even minty green. You can give the distressed look by using techniques such as chalk board paint or the vinegar method.

Make the look of your house more feminine and romantic – shabby chic is unashamedly feminine, so add touches of pink and pastel to your home. Invest in vintage linens and pastel-colored throws and cushions to make your bedroom more romantic.

Incorporate vintage accessories – if you don’t want to do any DIY project on your old furniture, you can just keep it simple by whitewashing your walls then just putting touches of vintage and shabby chic all over your home. Get vintage lighting or some clocks that would fit in with the look you are going for. There are stores that offer a whole line of shabby chic furniture and accessories that you can buy. You must always be in the quest of finding new shabby chic accessories for the home that you can invest in to get that perfect shabby chic look for your home.

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