The Modern Trend of Having Anything Double Glazing Related Windows & Doors – Is It Worth It?

Modern architecture and infrastructure often use glass as the primary building material. This may seem like an absurd idea as glass is fragile and brittle but with clever engineering and tougher glass not only is this possible but is also common in sky high mega-towers around the world. Glass offers a luxury that no other material can provide – Transparency. Being able to lookout from all angles in a room that is tens of stories up offers views that are simply stunning.

Trend Of Having Double-Glazed Windows & Doors

The most luxurious and expensive buildings and houses to live in are those that are made primarily of glass exteriors. These large windows come in a variety of sizes, shades, and thickness.

What Is Double-Glazing?

Double-glazing is a method whereby two glass panes are combined into a single window pane that is much thicker than regular glass. These two glass panes are further separated by a spacer that is filled with a layer of gas or air. Not only does this make the glass thicker for better strength and weight it also has quite a lot of other benefits.

The Benefits of Double-Glazing

The use of double-glazed and even triple-glazed windows are becoming increasingly common in both residential and commercial properties. This is largely due to two factors; energy conservation and noise reduction. Because double-glazed windows have a thin layer of air or gas traveled between the panes it offers excellent insulation with the added advantage of minimizing noise from both inside and outside your home or office.

During the winter months double-glazed windows and doors prevent heat from escaping and in the summers their roles reverse as they protect the inside of your home from unwanted heat. This means that one can enjoy comfortable temperatures indoors all-year round without having to spend too much on heating and cooling. Another added benefit of double-glazed windows and doors is that it prevents the build-up of condensation which can result in mold growth that can be extremely unhealthy.

If minimizing sound is what you need most than having a double-glazed window or door with glass-panels of different thickness will further help in noise reduction giving you the peace and quiet you need to enjoy some quality time indoors. Finally, the most obvious benefit of a double-glazed window or door is that they tend to be a lot stronger than single pane windows. This makes them a lot safer and a lot harder to break than less expensive alternatives.

Trend Of Having Double-Glazed Windows & Doors - doors

If you live in a region that experience extreme climatic conditions investing in a double-glazed or triple-glazed window or door may very well be a wise decision. Not only do they offer better protection but also better insulation. Double-glazed windows are one of the best ways to ensure better energy efficiency and reduced power bills even during months of extremely cold or hot conditions. Double-glazed windows and doors are also quite aesthetically pleasing and fill a room with light and air. These windows also protect the furnishing of your home or office as they reduce the amount of sunlight and heat entering the room. If your room is adorned by paintings, carpets, and expensive furniture having a double or triple-glazed window is definitely the way to go.

The Drawbacks Of Double-Glazed Windows & Doors

The main benefits of a double-glazed window lie in that little space in between the two glass panels. This airtight seal is the secret sauce behind the growing popularity and success of such types of windows and doors. However, if for whatever reason, this airtight seal is not so airtight it can lead to the buildup of condensation between the glass panes. Not only will the condensation ruin the aesthetic beauty of the glass but it can also be dangerous as it allows for the build-up of mold. If this happens to your double-glazed window, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to fix it. Once sealed the glass panes cannot be pulled apart and resealed meaning that the entire window pane will have to be replaced.

Double-glazed and triple-glazed windows and doors work great in the winter months as they are able to capture and keep more heat and light. However, during the summers inside temperature can go up considerably. To protect against this most homeowners and construction companies often tint the windows but this costs extra which is a bummer. If you have a traditional home or office building having double-glazed windows will simply not suit the design and style of the infrastructure. These window panes are ideal for modern-looking homes and office buildings that want to represent a sleek and urban architectural design.

Double-Glazing – Is It Worth It?

In a nutshell, absolutely! Double-glazed windows offer a whole lot more benefits than single paned alternatives and the cost savings in winter easily offset the higher price you pay up-front. Double-glazed windows also look a lot more attractive and aesthetically pleasing than single paned windows adding a sleek and modern-look to your home. Tinted double-glazed windows can also increase privacy as no one outside will be able to peer inside. But if you want to do some neighborhood watching you can do so without anyone being the wiser!

Added protection, better safety, improved insulation, better energy efficiency, and a not so difficult installation process make double-glazed windows and doors one of the best materials for modern homes and office buildings. To learn everything and anything double glazing related make sure you visit Advanced Windows. Here, specialists can guide you on what double-glazed windows and doors would best suit your home or office and also offer a free no-obligation quote. Bring light, brightness, and air into your indoor space and cut down on your energy bills by installing double-glazed windows. Make your office more inviting and open by installing a beautifully made double-glazed door. The possibilities are endless!

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