4 Surefire Ways to Transform Your Basement into Useful Space

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A basement conversion holds massive potential in boosting the value of your home. The decision isn’t anchored on financial gains alone, but additional space for the kids, guests, and yourself is a reason itself.

4 Surefire Ways to Transform Your Basement into Useful Space

The inspirations for basement makeovers, fully furnished and complete with bathrooms, are readily accessible and endless. You can convert this space to the best of your budget with the help of contractors or your DIY powers.

Check and Clear

First thing’s first, run an inspection on the following to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the home:

  • Measurement: Take the dimensions of the space for proper planning and layout. While it’s not generally needed to apply for a permit for a basement conversion, any remodeling work, such as installing egress windows, done to this room has to adhere to local building codes and regulations.
  • Plumbing: Check for any signs of wear and tear and upgrades. This aspect is particularly important when installing kitchen and bathroom, although there are toilet systems that don’t require plumbing.
  • Wiring: Inspect the electrical connection to help plan the spots for outlets.
  • Insulation: Basements are typically cold, and depending on inspection results, you may have to insulate it more. There’s also the noise to consider.
  • Ventilation: Check for any musty smell or fumes. Consider adding windows to let light and fresh air into the room.
  • Moisture: Detect any presence of water, mold, and mildew that can damage the foundation and structure and affect the indoor air quality, respectively.
  • Underground gases: Test your basement for radon that can cause life-threatening diseases or carbon monoxide that can lead to poisoning or, worse, death.
  • Pests and rot: Check for any pest damage or rotting wood. You are likely to carry out remediation first.

Define the Use

Why are you renovating your basement again? The following are great for basement renovation:

  • A laundry room
  • A kitchen
  • A home office
  • A bedroom
  • A den
  • A guest room

Once you have decided on the kind of room, it’s relatively easier to conceptualize the design and layout, as well as the necessary installations. Working within a budget will also help.

Bathroom in Basement

A bathroom completes the functionality of any newly converted basement. Traditional toilet systems are tricky and difficult to build from scratch. But you can go easy on the plumbing aspect when you install a bathroom with a macerating toilet as those from Saniflo.

4 Surefire Ways to Transform Your Basement into Useful Space - basement bathroom

Indeed, the macerator toilet works as long as there are electricity and water supply in the basement. It got its name from how it macerates or liquifies waste, including those accidentally flushed items. This kind of toilet is ideal for homes and offices.

Install or Repair

When upgrading the basement, ensure that its existing parts are in good working condition.

  • Repair rickety basement stairs and install a handrail.
  • Add moisture-protection and insulation to walls.
  • Install carpeting to the floor or upgrade it with materials that are not prone to moisture damage and warping, such as tiles and engineered wood.
  • Install a drop ceiling for a clean look. You can also leave beams exposed. Be sure to clean and repair the joists.
  • Waterproof the basement to prevent water from getting into the walls or foundation. An option is to look into a sump pump that can help keep groundwater out of the room.
  • Protect existing installations or appliances in the basement when doing renovation or repair work.

Design and Decorate

Try to decorate the basement based on its form or design. Give in to your flair for as long as it’s not crowded, damp, or gloomy. Install additional walls only when needed. More walls go against the original intent of open space. Use screens, archways, and the like to give dimensions without making the area look cramped and tiny. Moreover, painting the place in softer tones can help give the area a warm look. Natural light is always the best option. For artificial lighting, go for fixtures that offer full coverage to the room.

To save on the budget, move some of your existing furniture pieces to this new home office or bedroom. If buying new furniture, go for those that offer versatility and space-saving power, like the modern wall bed. The same goes with appliances for a kitchen—decide first on how you want the kitchen to be, e.g., will a microwave suffice or a full-service one? With these ideas in mind, are you up for your exciting basement project?

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