The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Basement Renovation

There is always a chance or opportunity to improve upon the space in your home. One sure-fire way to optimise on any seemingly useless space in your house is to remodel or renovate your basement. However, if you wish to save money by renovating your basement yourself instead of hiring someone, it is always recommended to do your own thorough research. This article will lay out the basic do’s and do not’s of DIY basement renovation.

The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Basement Renovation

The Do’s of DIY Basement Renovation

  • Eliminate moisture: Damp can be a subtle yet deadly end to your basement renovations before they can even begin. Damp can be a subtle yet deadly end to your basement renovations before they can even begin, and you will need good basement waterproofing. Mould and damp can also lead to health problems. This is why it is vital to waterproof your basement before you start or finish the renovation work. You can do this by purchasing dehumidifiers that eradicate the humidity in any room. They also serve to clean the air in your basement, which will also do wonders for your health.
  • Consider utility: It can be amazing to have a swanky new basement in addiction to your house. However, you should always remember that basements are there to provide a service. You want your new design the functionality of your basement, not to eradicate it completely.
  • Enhance open spaces: The vast majority of basements are open floor plans, this means that they are comprised of large open spaces with minimal rooms or walls. This is actually an asset rather than a hinderance. When renovating your basement, remember to research how to emphasise these spaces – especially if you are planning to build different segments. Always remember to leave plenty of negative space for manoeuvrability and aesthetic layers.
  • Building Codes: Before embarking upon any large-scale renovations or building projects, always do your research with your local building department. More often than not, you will require a building permit and all electric or plumbing will need to be inspected.
    DIY basement renovation

The Don’ts of DIY Basement Renovation

  • Refuse to hire a contractor: It can be a matter of pride to want to do all the work yourself, however it is always best to hire a professional contractor. This can not only save you money, but it can also help you pass all the inspections. It also minimalizes the risk of working with electrical or plumbing facilities.
  • Overlook the small things: You should always discuss the small specifics of your basement renovations. This incorporates anything from lighting, columns and trimming. The finer details will ensure that you do not have to change anything later on and waste time or money by doing so.
  • Underestimate the construction: DIY Basement renovation can be a long and tricky process. Unless you have a background in construction, this is also another reason you should consider hiring a contractor. Shoring up any possible flaws in the foundations of your house (and thus the basement) are projects that require a certain level of expertise that can only be known by a professional contractor. However, you should also do your due research here as well, to make sure the person you hire is capable of creating your vision.
  • Do not change plans: Once you start your renovation project, it is not advised to change your plans halfway through or to look back and regret your choices in anyway. You will not only waste time but also money if you decide to change things up halfway through your project. Be prepared for disasters but do not let them change the structure of your plan.

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