Top 4 Gardening Trends

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This year’s global pandemic may have forced us to spend more time at home than we would have preferred, but has also encouraged us to revisit passions and hobbies we’ve long neglected. From crafting to gardening, people are looking for solace in their own private spaces.  Gardening is therapeutic and satisfying. That feeling of growing and taking care of something is the joy we need around us right now.

Top 4 Gardening Trends

The gardening fad is not slowing down, and we’re excited to see what new trends we can embrace in months to come. Here are the ones to watch for:

1. Set up an outdoor haven

If you’re looking to expand your indoor space and merge it with the outdoors, then the greenhouse trend is just for you. Many greenhouse owners use it as an extension of their home, enabling the greenery to work together with interiors in harmony. They provide you with your very own garden getaway for easy transition between the indoors and the outdoors. Consider polycarbonate greenhouses that offer great insulation during the winter months and last much longer and are stronger than glass. Use these UV protected structures as a cozy retreat and a year-round green getaway. Invest in natural furniture made of wood or rattan perfect to curl up in with a book.

2. Grow your own produce

With restaurants across the world closing down or running at very limited capacity, most of us have turned into home chefs. Not just by cooking our own meals, but growing our own ingredients too – giving the term ‘home-cooked meal’ a whole new meaning. Families are putting their green thumbs to good use by growing their own fruits and vegetables, and many will continue to do so for the long-run.  Growing your own produce not just saves you money over time, it leaves you with a sense of achievement and reduces your carbon footprint (another trending cause). Use natural fertilizers to keep your soil nourished and food sustainable and organic.

3. Windowsill growing

Ideal for small spaces like your kitchen window, this trend has been on for a while and will stay. People are growing their own herbs, spices and greens in small pots that fit snugly on any windowsill and make for easy plucking while cooking. As schools across the world have embraced online learning, parents are under pressure to find tasks to keep young minds occupied in the home. Windowsill gardens provide children with a fun-filled learning activity. Keep an eye out for herb kits and seeds to grow basil, coriander, mint and maybe even onions and spinach.

Top 4 Gardening Trends - plants

4. Vertical gardening

A favorite among DIY-inclined urbanites, vertical gardens are a great option for those of you who live in flats and with very small indoor and outdoor spaces. Millennials love a ‘big, green wall’ feature and have actively been incorporating these vertical jungles into their offices, and now, homes. Balcony gardening has also branched off of this to make the best use of small spaces and provide densely populated areas and city households with a smart way to embrace nature. Hardy plants like lilac, lavender, vines and creepers, bamboo and snake plants are low-maintenance and usually survive for multiple seasons and temperatures.

Prepping for a Mindful 2021

If there’s one thing this year’s unforeseen circumstances have taught us, it’s this — We want to make the most use of our time and be more mindful of what we do with ourselves. Travel plans may get canceled, and large gatherings might have to get postponed over the next few years. But gardening and creating our own private oasis in our homes provide us with a comforting serenity and means of escape in our own backyards. Which of these trends will you adapt?

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