5 Must-Have Handyman Tools for 2022

Whether you're building your toolbox from zero or looking to add to your ever-growing collection, there are some handyman tools that make short work of even the most difficult tasks. They might say that a bad workman blames his tools. But without the right equipment for the job, you won't stand much of a chance at [...]

How Do Drill Bits Work

The drill bit is used for drilling holes in metal, wood, concrete, aluminum, and other materials. Before we get into how the drill bit works, let's go over some of the drill bit's key components.  The shank, body, and point are the main parts of a drill bit. The drill bit's point is shaped like [...]

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How to Safely Use Angle Grinder at Home

If you’re someone who’s experienced in home improvement projects, or you’re interested in learning how to use an angle grinder this article is for you. We’ve gathered expert advice on how to choose, start and master working with angle grinders. Let’s jump right in. What is Angle Grinder? An angle grinder is a handheld power [...]