Expert Tips to Make Your Move Faster

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One day, you may find yourself leaving your old home and moving into a new place. It’s exciting to start making memories somewhere else. However, you get overwhelmed when you remember that moving out requires a lot of packing and arrangements. The thought of spending a huge amount of time sorting and gathering your belongings may paralyze you and keep you from leaving.

Expert Tips to Make Your Move Faster

That’s why you need to keep the following tips in mind to make the process easier, faster, and more efficient.

Plan Early

The decision of changing homes is not made overnight, it takes a lot of thinking and calculations to set a final moving date. However, we mostly don’t stick to it because things don’t always go as planned. What we can do is ensure that we don’t postpone moving out for more than a couple of weeks. The best thing to do is to start planning early by creating a schedule up to the big day. Leaving everything to the last minute will cause stress and frustration because you will have so many things to pack and no idea how you will make it.

Sort Out the Dispensable Items

It is better to figure out what you don’t need before packing because the less you have to pack, the less you will have to carry and unpack. You need to go through every drawer, wardrobe, and cabinet and take out the dispensable items. However, don’t take them to the trash directly; it’s better to recycle or donate the stuff that may be of use to someone else. When we spend a lot of time in the same place, we keep sentimental things such as old clothes, concert tickets, and merchandise, or empty jewelry boxes. It is time to think practically and don’t take the things that you never use to your new place. Remember that you will have to unpack in the other house, which takes time as well. Donating will feel great because you will be helping others, especially if the items are in good condition. To save time, you should call a company or a store to pick up the boxes or the larger items as furniture and distribute them to charities. You can donate some of the boxes to animal shelters as well.

Consider Professional Help

Some people like to do everything on their own without the help of anyone. It is not smart to handle carrying the heavy chairs and sofas because you are not built for it. Your friends and family may offer you a hand, but unfortunately, they sometimes slow you down. People who live in the US for instance, know that utilizing the services of professional movers is much more convenient. That’s why movers at a moving company in Bellevue recommend hiring professional companies to help you with packing, wrapping breakable items, and unpacking. It is more reliable to ask trained personnel to move your stuff because they know the techniques and if something gets ruined, they will be held accountable. Furthermore, they will meet the deadline that you both agree on, in addition to creating an inventory to save the time you will need to track down your boxes.

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Don’t Over-Organize

Staying organized is undeniably great, however, you may spend a lot of time arranging things that will fall over each other. You don’t have to fold every piece of cloth perfectly because when you unpack them, they won’t be in the same condition and you will have to repeat the whole process. That being said, you shouldn’t overdo it because you may end up exhausting yourself without any benefit. You need to be smart about where to put your energy, for instance, labeling the boxes and numbering them is beneficial. People mostly underestimate the importance of categorization, but they realize that too late when they wonder which box to open. A pro tip is to use different highlighters while writing on the boxes. You should also make sure that they are waterproof and not easily scratched.

Secure Your Belongings

A movers’ trick to cut down the boxes’ expenses and time needed to pack is to keep things in the cabinet as they are. You just need to wrap the drawers with plastic wraps to secure them in place and keep them from opening. Another thing to minimize space is to use your socks as packing material instead of papers. The goal is to have fewer containers to move and avoid damaging your glasses, mirrors, or crystals.

Moving out is a lot easier when you have a to-do-list instead of packing things haphazardly. Experts say that early planning and sticking to a schedule are the first steps towards a hassle-free moving. If you need guidance and a faster packing process, you should go for professional movers who are better aware of the tricks of packing. When the process is light and simple, you will welcome the new home with a peaceful mind.

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