A Guide to Common Household Infestations

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A Guide to Common Household Infestations

Creepy crawlies are always going to be a part of our lives. Whether we like it or not, bugs of all shapes and sizes are going to steal into our homes in search of shelter, food and water. Before you squash it though, it pays to take a look and see what it is, because not all bugs are created equal and knowing that is lurking in the shadows of your home can give you clues as to what infestations might be present in the walls or garden beds outside. Here’s a guide to  most common household infestations you’re likely to find around your home.


Everyone’s brave until the cockroach starts flying, at which point we go running through our homes threatening to call the pest control. Cockroaches feed on almost anything, and are attracted into homes for water, food, and warmth. German cockroaches are the smaller guys and spotting a few of those running around tends to mean you have a bit of an infestation as they like to move in hoards. Eliminating food and water available to them will have a significant impact so if you find them, do a big clean up and make sure you do the dishes each night before going to bed. The American cockroaches are the bigger ones that splat when you squash them and fly under attack. They leave their droppings in the dark corners of the cupboard where they hide so if you find droppings it’s time to put down some serious pest spray, sticky traps, or call a pest control service in Melbourne.

Bed Bugs

It’s horrible to think about bed bugs crawling over you in the middle of the night and eating their way through the dead skin that falls off your body as you sleep, but in many homes they are a reality and very hard to get rid of. They multiply very quickly and can be hard to spot so it’s best to try and prevent them and if you find them, contact a pest control service or be diligent with home pest control strategies.

Common household infestations - bed bugs


Ants can be problematic because they come from the garden and in through any little crack in search of food, especially when it rains. Ants can be maintained with sticky pads or by spraying them, but it helps to ensure you don’t leave food sitting out anywhere and try to pinpoint where they might be entering from. You don’t want to let ants get accustomed to entering your home and finding food, making it a regular take-away joint, because they can damage walls, cupboards and increase the size of the holes they are entering from.


Spiders sneak in through cracks, windows, doors and gaps in the floor in search of food, warmth and water. For them food is bugs, so if you have other bugs in your home, you might then also attract the spiders. While most household spiders are not dangerous, there are some that can be extremely dangerous, so be sure to identify the spider you see before going after it. Many spiders can be caught and taken outside, but if you have a lot it might be worth using pest control solutions.

Whatever your issue is, the best solution is to keep your house clean and ensure no food is left out overnight. If you think you might have one of common household infestations, get on top of it quickly. Aside from posing a potential health risk and causing stress to the home occupants, having bugs in your home can also lead to damage of your walls, floors, cupboards, and more. So, act fast, and avoid giving them reason to come snooping into your home in the first place.

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