How to fix a hole in drywall

Hole in drywall is something that can not be avoided. If you have kids or moving furniture it is very likely that the hole will appear. You don’t need to panic. Solution to the problem is simple and you don’t need to call a contractor, just follow these few simple steps and you can fix the hole in drywall like a professional.

1. Cleaning and cutting

Hole in drywall

Remove any debris or remaining paper from the hole. Tear away any loose wall material and brush away the dust. Then use a utility knife to cut the hole into a symmetrical square as shown on the picture below. Press firmly into the wall material and use a straightedge to follow a careful line. Remove the excess wall material. After cutting the hole measure it and cut a slightly smaller part of drywall or plywood and cut the plank or 2×4 which is 4 inches bigger than the hole. That plank or 2×4 will be used as an anchor board.

Cutting around the hole in drywall

2. Mounting the anchor board and the patch

Put anchor board in the hole behind the drywall and be sure that the board is positioned 2 inches over the top and the bottom edge. Then drill two holes with the cordless drill through the drywall and the anchor board and secure it with drywall screws. After mounting the anchor board it is time to secure the patch, just put the patch in the hole and on to anchor board and drill two holes through the patch and the anchor board and secure it with drywall screws.

Drywall hole patch

3. Apply wallboard tape and compound

Smoothly apply the wallboard tape around all four edges of the patch and then apply the wallboard compound with the putty knife and wait until the compound is completely dry. Then use a sanding sponge to smooth all the edges and to remove any dimples or ridges. Always use circular movements when sanding to avoid making holes and always check everything with your hand to make sure that is completely smooth.

Sanding drywall

4. Preparing and painting

Before painting the repaired surface always apply one coat of primer first and let the primer dry for at least an hour. Then you can apply the first coat of paint with the paint roller and let the paint to dry for about three hours and then apply the second coat of paint. After the second coat is dry the placing of the patch will become unobservable and the wall will be as good as new!

Painted hole in drywall

Now you can see that the hole in drywall is something that anyone can repair without calling the professionals. Share your drywall repair projects with us!

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12 thoughts on “How to fix a hole in drywall”

  1. Couponsavinguae

    Great post! Thank you for sharing this info and I hope keep posting more articles.

  2. Very helpful post, drywall repair isn’t always the easiest thing, but when it’s broken down into something simple and understandable like this, it’s so much better. Thank you!

  3. This is probably the most “it actually makes sense” kind of post I’ve seen on this subject about drywall repair. Best part… I didn’t have to go digging through some weird web design to find it. Awesome! Please keep posting new material!

  4. Thanks for this easy to follow drywall patch guide. A lot of people don’t really understand about this. I’ve had to fix so many jobs where someone totally botched their patch attempt.

  5. I have always found that when you fix your backing board inside the hole place a thin piece of cardboard between the backing board and the wall. When your fresh piece of board is fixed it will then be slightly recessed allowinnnnnnnnng the hole to be skimmed over without any hump

  6. Byron van der Merwe London Handyman

    I’m so glad you shared this because this is exactly the way I repair dry walls. Being a professional London handyman I come across broken dry walls quite often and most people have no idea how to fix it. People have often called me because they have tried to fix the hole with filler with absolutely no luck at all :)

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