Smart Tips to Keep in Mind Before Painting Your House

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The most inexpensive way of making your house beautiful is by painting it. If your wall paints are now blistering, peeling, or just clearly need repainting, then you don’t have to dread the painting process. Giving a new look and color to your house is relatively easy if you know how to do it properly. We made this guide to help you make the job easier. 

Smart Tips to Keep in Mind Before Painting Your House

Here are the three smart tips you need to keep in mind before painting your house: 

Preparing The Surface And The Room Is Important

The process of painting the room will be easier if the space is cleared, and there’s nothing on in your way. If you can’t clear the room completely, you can push furniture in one place and cover them and the floor with old sheets or newspapers. Next is you should clean and fix the wall if it is in bad condition. Wipe any dirt, dust, and mildew. Scrape and sand any blistering or flakings of the old paint. Moreover, repair any hole or cracks in the walls for a better finish. Last, apply primer as a base, it will protect your wall, make you save the number of paints you will use, and will give you a shiny finish. 

Test And Check The Quality Of Paint Color

Before painting the house, you should test and check the paint color’s quality. Bear in mind that the paint is the first thing you will look at every day when you open your eyes, and it is going to be there for a long time. You shouldn’t buy the paint right away without checking if it will suit the walls and the lighting. For example, in Arizona, all the houses are a blend of Italian and desert-style, so it makes sense if you paint them warm beige and yellow-tinted paint colors.

Smart Tips to Keep in Mind Before Painting Your House - paint

If you ask the best House Painter in Phoenix, AZ, they can help you choose emulsion, paint brands, and show you shade cards for you to choose from before you buy them. It will be a complicated and tedious task but getting a sample and testing them out is better than having ugly painted walls.

Find Out How Much Paint You Need

You need to avoid either overspending on paint and running out of paint while painting your house. To find out how much paint do you need:

  • Find out the square footage of the space you need to paint
  • How many coats you want to do

You can know how much paint you will use via a paint calculator or by asking experts about it. If you prime the surface you are painting, one coat will be enough. Moreover, if you are mixing two paint colors together, make sure they are even to avoid any discrepancies with the color. No matter if you want to do this by yourself or if you want a professional to do the house painting for you, these couple of things above should still be followed. 

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