Top Exterior House Color Schemes

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Your house is probably your biggest investment. But, it’s more than just a pile of bricks or somewhere to sleep. Most people become emotionally attached to their home, simply because it is full of memories. It’s important to take care of your home, both inside and out. That’s why you need to landscape regularly, maintain the yard, and repaint your home. When it comes to painting it’s a good idea to look out for a high-quality polyurethane coating, this will offer your walls greater protection and extend the time between repainting. That’s a bonus!

Top Exterior House Color Schemes

Of course, when it comes to re-painting you need to think about what color scheme suits your personality, your home, and the area you live in. This means looking at what your neighbors have done and checking if there are any local regulations before you decide on your preferred paint color. Here are some great combinations to get you started when looking at revitalizing the outside of your home.

Black & White

The traditional approach still holds well.  White is a cool color but it is also bright, showing how clean and well maintained your home is. The black edges mask dirt that rises from the floor, making it easier to keep the house looking good. However, white walls are likely to show the dirt and may need to be washed and even re-painted more often than other colors. It can also be blinding when the sun is out.

Yellow & Blue

We’re talking a pale yellow here. And a crisp deep blue. The pale yellow, bordering onto cream sits perfectly against the brightness of the blue, helping specific features, such as windows and doors, to stand out properly. It can create a striking, but not over the top, look.

Black & Taupe

This is a great alternative to a black and white color scheme. The taupe still provides the crisp pale color that reflects the heat of the sun and looks good against the black. However, it is also a little darker and therefore easier to keep clean than white paint. That’s good if you don’t want to repaint your home every year.

Top Exterior House Color Schemes - taupe

Brown & Sand

You can use brown and sand to create the look of a traditional brownstone house. At first glance, it may even appear like a contemporary brick home. These color choices are effective at masking dirt, allowing you the luxury of a yearly pressure was. They also help your house to maintain a professional and not overstated home. That’s an important factor if you’ve ended up in a well-off neighborhood and are worried about crime.


Gray comes in so many shades that it can be put with itself or mixed with almost any color on the market. This allows you the freedom to blend in with your neighbors while doing it slightly differently. Don’t forget, when choosing an exterior house color scheme it’s a good idea to do a test area first, this will ensure you like the color scheme you’ve picked.

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