5 Signs of Roof Damage You Can’t Ignore

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It can be debated that the roof of your house is the most essential part of the structure. The roof keeps out and protects your home from outside elements. However, sometimes the roof gets overlooked on maintenance checklists, till there’s a leak or problem. You don’t need to get up on the roof if you are afraid of heights, you can get assistance from handymen like roofers in Toronto or you can inspect by walking around your home and looking for loose, cracked or damaged shingles, missing shingles, sagging, mold or rot, signs of water damage or leaking, holes or dark spots. Inspecting two times a year can help with catching small problems before they are becoming prominent, or even develop into leaks. Doing general maintenance and repairs costs less than having to replace the entire roof or having a roof rot and collapse.

5 Signs of Roof Damage You Can't Ignore

Homeowners should practice doing regular home inspections or have a reputable roofing company, such as DMV Roofing Pros, do a maintenance inspection annually to look for any damage or compromises on your roof.

Average Life of a Roof

The lifecycle of a roof depends on the type of material used and how well it is maintained. The underlying structure of a roof should last for the home’s lifespan, but it does depend on materials used to cover the roof. Replacements of roofs are dependant on the materials that are used. For example, asphalt shingles have 15 to 30 years, and metal roofs have a 50 to 75-year lifespan.

Timeframes for roofs depend entirely on the climate they are exposed to every day. Winter and humidity will wear out the roof material quickly. High winds can impact the roof, as well, and its recommended to check your roof for any damage after any severe storms or high winds. Other factors that affect the lifespan of your roof are the color, orientation, and slope of the roof. Dark-colored roofs absorb more heat than light-colored roofs. Roofs that have a higher pitch typically last longer because rain or snow cannot settle on it quickly.
Below are five signs of roof damage that you can’t ignore in your home:

  1. Water Stains

If you are noticing water stains or sagging and discoloring on the ceiling, then its time to call in professionals to look over the roof. These things can be an indication of a slow leak, and dripping water is an indication of an even more severe problem. If you have a leak and its causing damage to the inside of your home, you need to take action. Letting a slow leak sit can cause more damage and more money in the long run.  When dealing with your roof, its always recommended to bring in professionals that know what they are doing and can locate the leak, especially since leaks can be hard to pinpoint, since they don’t always travel straight down.

  1. Standing Water

Standing water on your roof is another sign that should not be ignored or put off. Standing water typically happens more on homes with flat roofs and poor drainage, and if left too long can cause sagging, weakening of roof structures, or leaking. Standing water on the roof of your home can add weight to the roof, which could cause severe damage. If there is standing water on your roof, you need to take immediate action and call in a professional who can help with suggestions for improving drainage systems to help with water flowing off the roof instead of pooling on the roof.
5 Signs of Roof Damage You Can't Ignore - ceiling water damage

  1. Plugged Drains

Drains clogging is typical, but it can cause problems if the water sits. This is why regular roof inspections are essential for proper roof maintenance. Drains get clogged with leaves and dirt build up over time, and if still clogged during heavy rains or snowstorms, it can be severe. As checking the drains and you notice lots of granules flowing through the downspouts during a rainstorm it’s a warning sign that there could be more significant problems with your roof. If you leave shingles that are close to the end of their lifespan for too long, you could end up with damage.

  1. Mold or Mildew

Another sign of roof damage that can’t be ignored is the growth of mildew or mold on the roof surface. Mold or mildew growing on the roof can be credited to an accumulation of moisture condensation. The build of condensation and moisture weakens the roof and cause deterioration of the quality of air in your house. Mold or mildew polluting the air in your home can end up leading to health issues for you and your family. If you notice any mildew or mold, you will want to seek out a professional to see what the next steps re in replacing your roof.

  1. Missing or Broken Shingles

Cracking or missing shingles is a clear sign that your roof has problems. Broken or missing shingles need to be replaced immediately to stop any damage to your home. Shingles break or crack because of a wear down of granules, and they become more damaged from the direct sunlight, which causes them to get brittle. When the granules have worn off of shingles, your roof won’t be able to hold out against intense weather.

The Conclusion

Weather is the most significant contributing factor to damaging roofs. The fluctuating temperatures from warm to freezing temperatures can cause ice dams. Ice dams can create backups of water, which can cause your roof to back up with water, and if left untreated, can cause rot. Knowing the signs of roof damage can help you take quick action to resolve the problems before they get any worse. Noticing issues and acting quickly can help save you with the costly expenses of roof replacements.

Remember to do regular roof maintenance, and walk your yard, at the beginning of each season for any signs of loose or damaged shingles. If you notice discoloration or wet spots on your ceiling, you need to take immediate action and seek the help of a professional.

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