5 Little Things That Will Help Raise Your Home’s Value

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There are many things you can do to raise your home’s property value. They don’t need to be anything too big or too complicated. Even the smallest, simplest things can make a huge difference. More often than not, it’s all about presentation and how the potential buyers will feel when they walk through your doors.

5 Little Things That Will Help Raise Your Home's Value

As already said, these don’t need to be anything big. They can include painting a few faded surfaces like the door or the walls. Doing a deep clean of visible areas would be a good idea too. Some light repairs would be a good idea, as well, and the same goes for revitalizing carpets and drapes. With regard to the exterior, keeping an immaculate lawn would be advised, and so is some light landscaping. Replace some old, dim lights with bright bulbs and you’re good to go.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the simplest and most common methods of increasing property value is repainting the house. Before you freak out, though, you don’t need to do the whole thing. You can just focus on the most obvious spots that look faded and aged. There is a certain charm to houses with antique looks, but not all homes can pull this off. If yours is a modern residence, you’ll want to hit the hardware store for some paint cans.

A Clean Start

Do you know how spring cleaning leads you to find some pretty gruesome stuff that built up around the house? You’ll want to do that just before putting your house up for sale. When the buyer or the real estate agent comes around, the place should be immaculate.

5 Little Things That Will Help Raise Your Home's Value - cleaning

This is already known in the market but think about it for a moment. How ready would you be to pay a little more for a house you won’t have to hose down? No intense scrubbing. No sweat, grime, and dust. No spending all day elbow-deep in a bucket of bleach. That is what your buyer will be paying for and they’ll smile at you while doing it.

Hammering Down the Details

No one wants to pay a lot to buy a house with obvious, visible, and glaring damage. Every crack, dent, tear, hole, and signs of rot will be inspected and judged. So before it gets to that point, it’s best to do some minor repairs. Minor is the keyword here since it’s not necessary to do a complete overhaul of the house. If it ever gets to that point, it would be too expensive to be worth doing anyway.

Light Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance

Immaculate lawns, gorgeous flower beds, and tasteful garden arrangements are the perfect bait for affluent buyers. They will give off an aura of elegance especially for neighborhoods where the other homes have good landscaping.

5 Little Things That Will Help Raise Your Home's Value - landscaping

Sure, you have to spend a bit to get those nice lawn grass and put in some effort to spruce up the garden. However, what you get in exchange is a nice bump in your home’s value.

Brighter Lights Make All the Difference

Dim lights paint a dark, depressing, and morbid atmosphere for a home. Would you be willing to pay top rates for that? On the other hand, bright, clear, and powerful lights give houses a warm, welcoming feeling. That’s the kind of ambiance that buyers want to see. It doesn’t take much to replace the lights all around your house either and you don’t need to replace all of them. Just do the ones that are in the most obvious places where people are likely to gather. More importantly, make sure that the lights and sockets are clean. No one wants to see cobwebs and build-ups of grime clogging up everything. There’s a tangible level of unease that people will feel when they hit the switch and see unimpressive, dirty lights. It somehow makes the place worth buying a lot less.

Bonus Tip:

Once you get all of that done, it’s time to round things up for your house. Finishing touches can include some amazing aromatherapy candles in super chic glass containers. There are some amazing colored candle jars with lid designs that are just to die for!

5 Little Things That Will Help Raise Your Home's Value - jars

You place them at strategic places all around your home that will make them visible to people. They can then add an atmosphere of supreme elegance to your home. You don’t need to overdo it and put candles in every single corner. That would defeat the purpose of doing this.


Raising the value of your home is all about perspective. What you make a potential buyer think and what you make the market see. By applying all of the suggestions mentioned here, you can do that cheaply and with less effort. It could involve applying a fresh coat of paint, making minor repairs, or just placing aromatherapy candles in strategic places. These are super simple but super effective strategies that actually work. The fact that they are so easy to do is just a bonus!

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