Maintaining your lawnmower is an essential part of increasing the mower’s lifespan, and it also plays a massive role in ensuring that you have a healthy and beautiful lawn. Having regular lawn mower maintenance, especially on the engine part, will ensure that it performs best. As a beginner, having to maintain the mower can be a daunting task since there are numerous elements that you have to address, such as the blades, or if you are using a gas-fueled or a corded mower, the maintenance techniques will vary.

A Beginner's Guide To Effective Lawn Mower Maintenance

Despite the challenges, this article will guide you through the maintenance process, and at the end of it all, you will find it to be a hassle-free process.

1. Go Through the Manufacturers Guide

A new mower comes with an instruction manual; therefore, go through it and analyze what the manufacturer suggests. You wouldn’t want to damage your mower when maintaining it; therefore, follow the instructions to the letter. If you don’t have the manual, the following steps will help you during maintenance.

2. Drain Fuel From the Mower

Your mower might fail to start, and one of the leading causes could be the old gasoline that’s clogged in the engine. After each mowing session, ensure that you drain all the fuel from the engine and refill it with fresh oil. Some lawnmower motors lack an oil filter, and the old oil could spoil the engine. If you are used to mowing your lawn once a year, change the oil before storing it; besides, fill the mower with fresh oil up to the recommended level.

3. General Cleaning

If you have a power or robotic mower, find a stick, and get rid of all the accumulated debris on the cooling fins. Wipe the housing and the engine using a dry rag and ensure that you access all areas with gas or oil openings. Robotic mowers are easier to maintain, and lawnmower experts at would advise a beginner to review the best robotic mowers before purchasing and find one that’s easy to clean.         If you have a push mower, use a wire brush or a stick to scrape the accumulated debris on the fins that you will find around the engine. Using a hose spray, blow off the mower then clean all the metal parts and the blades using an oily rag.

4. Blades Maintenance

If you notice a white cast or worn grass blades when you are done with mowing, it could indicate that the mower blades need sharpening. It’s always advisable to seek professional help when sharpening the edges, although you can grind them on your own. Place the blade on a vise, then using a grinder or a bastard file, sharpen the blades from the outer edge as you move towards the center. Once you are done with sharpening, inspect whether the blades are balanced before placing it on the mower.

A Beginner's Guide To Effective Lawn Mower Maintenance - sharpening blades

5. Replace filters

The air filter condition has a significant effect on the mowing experience; therefore, ensure that you replace the filter every once in a while. Most air filters are made of paper or foam; if your mower has a paper filter, replace it at the recommended time. If your mower uses a foam filter, then you should remove it and dump it in oil. Filters are sometimes clogged with debris, if you notice this, tap it on a hard surface to remove the clogged dust.

6. Maintain the Spark Plugs

Plugs from a properly maintained mower can last up to a year, although mowers experience complications that fail. Remove the spark plugs using a wrench and inspect whether it has soot. If it has built up soot, clean it using a dry rag. However, warm plugs need replacement, and this should cause trouble since spark plugs are cheap and easy to replace.

7. Fogging the Engine

If you happen to mow the lawn periodically, then your mower will sit idle most of the time. In such a case, the engine oil can drain off with time, and surrounding water could cause damage or corrosion to the mower. By fogging the engine with oil, you can reduce the chances of damage caused by water. Read the user manual and establish whether your mower needs fogging before you start the process.

Mowing the lawn sometimes appears to be a simple task, but there is more to it than moving the mover through the grass. Proper lawn grooming requires that you maintain the mower, and to achieve it, the above guide could be useful. Ensure that you observe safety measures when you manage your mower and, most importantly, follow the manufacturer’s manual.