Things That Every Handyman Should Know

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Things that every handyman should know

Being handy with tools is something that everyone can benefit from. It’s more than just showing off to your friends, even though that’s a fun perk. It is a vital aspect to homeownership that allows you to perform essential repairs, construct shelving, and even create unique outdoor accessories. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed expert, a licensed one, or someone who wants to learn a little more, there are five things you should know. Take the following into consideration.

How to Never Hammer Your Thumb Again

Everyone who has ever held a hammer in their hands has done it at one point or another. You’re fixing something to the wall one nail at a time when all of a sudden you strike your fingers with the force of a Viking warrior.

Take a tip from the pros and use a pair of pliers as your aid. Set the nail in place then hold it there with your pliers, giving you the grip you need while leaving your non-hammering hand far out of harm’s way. If you slip up and miss your target, no worries. Your pliers can handle it.

As an added tip, you can also utilize the outer part of your pliers as a straightedge. This comes in handy when working with multiple nails in close proximity.

Contractors Are Your Friends

The best handymen in the world understand their limitations. Some are better with fixing toilets or piping, while others acquired an education to repair and install particular devices. No handyman is made equal, and that’s okay.

A major mistake that many handy homeowners make is attempting to repair their HVAC systems in a DIY fashion. You might be able to repair a simple window-mounted air conditioner on your own, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to take on the furnace or AC unit. The results can be disastrous, landing you a first-class ticket to the emergency room.

For major repairs like these, call an HVAC Contractor to aid you. These individuals are trained to work with home systems that require a special know-how. You’ll thank yourself later, and might even learn a thing or two in the process about simple repairs.

Things that every handyman should know - screwdrivers

Finding a Stud On Your Own

Stud detectors can be a handyman’s best friend, but what happens when you need to hang something without one? You could find an incredibly strong magnet and run it along the wall until it grabs ahold of the stud, but who has one of those lying around? Instead, use an electric razor.

Turn the razor on and run it along the wall. You’ll hear a change in pitch once the vibration pings off of a stud. From there, find the next one to determine how many inches apart they are and measure from there. Look at that! No fancy equipment needed.

Things that every handyman should know - tools

Know Who to Trust

When picking out home décor for DIY or installation processes, you need to know which companies you can trust. Luckily, the internet makes that easier than ever.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can check out honest reviews from real customers on a variety of websites. They’ll detail what customer service is like, how well the products are built, and whether or not they experienced any issues during their order.

Do a quick Google  search for Lantern & Scroll and you can find testimonials on their site as well as others. Look for reviews from other handymen to ensure accuracy and honesty in their testimony.

Friends Are Your Best Asset

This one is simple. No handyman should go it alone. Grab a six-pack, invite your friends over for help, and grill up something tasty once the job is done.

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