How to add more office space to a small building

Leasing an office space is one of the concerns of many employers. A fully furnished conventional workroom ranges from $500-$1,000 per week and even more, depending on the number of persons it can accommodate. Apparently, there are more factors to look at such as the location of the commercial property, its condition, and the included services. The most obvious factor is that you will have to pay more for larger premises.

On average, you need to allocate at least 175 square feet per employee. When you have more than 20 employees, you will be left with no other choice but to rent a building. If you want to save a little more, you can rent a small building and be creative by adding more office area to it. The question is how? Here are some smart ways you can maximize office space of a small building:

Add Structural Insulated Panels to create private space for employees. You do not have to dedicate a special room for every employee. Only the president, vice president, and managers require a separate room for their offices. Other workers, such as secretaries, customer service representatives, and accountants can work in their cubicles. If you want something that is easy to install and energy efficient, use insulated panels in creating partitions. The laminated walls from SipForm are made up of durable materials that are ideal for offices. They are the best option if you are just renting out space since you can remove them in the future.

Invest in space-saving desks and chairs. If you still do not know what to do with empty corners, you can place corner furniture like an L-shape desk in the space. Or use a compact computer desk to save space. A wheeled computer desk is also an ideal choice if you prefer a mobile workstation. It would be convenient to buy a printer cart that has built-in shelving units for all other office supplies.

Use wall-mounted shelves to store your office supplies. Instead of allotting more floor space for all your office items, make use of the wall! You can install a wall-mounted shelve without drilling into walls. Adhesives can work at a certain degree. They are ideal for storing lightweight or small office items.

Aside from keeping your rent costs down, it is also important to maintain a comfortable work space for all your employees. There are certain improvements you can do to a commercial property. If the landlord allows it, you can do some alterations to create an illusion of bigger space. Color schemes, such as white paint with accents can make a room look larger. You can also add some personal touches to the space to make them look more cozy.

Finally, it is important to be wise in choosing a property for your office. Lease terms usually take one to two years. You will stay there for quite some time and your stay there can affect your work behavior. Before signing the lease, ask the landlord about the kinds of modifications you can do to make it a better space for you and your workers.