10 things to consider before buying a property

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Ready to invest in property? You’ve probably planned for this moment for years. And it’s undoubtedly a wise decision. But this great financial and emotional investment needs careful preparation.

10 things to consider before buying a property

Thankfully, Northwest National Realty is here to help you get property easily. And we also have here a list of 10 things that will make the process easy to navigate if taken care of.

1) Location

Whether you want to buy land or a home, you can’t overlook its location. As a rule of thumb, choose a location according to the purpose you are purchasing the property. For instance, if you are buying the property for starting a business, select a location close to well-populated areas. But if you want a home, select a location away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2) Costs

Investing in a property is daunting. It’s not just the land or building you pay for. Land survey costs, building costs, insurance, and legal costs are some additional expenses you have to bear. So before you finalize your property, take into account all additional expenses and your budget. This way, you won’t go overboard with your spending and be well aware of the total cost.

3) Utilities

Having access to utilities at your property is essential, especially if it’s a building. Check the availability of electricity, gas, internet, water, and sewage. If you aren’t getting these utilities near your plot or in your building, it will be both a hassle and an extra expense later. So inspect these aspects beforehand.

4) Zoning

Enquire about the property that you are planning to purchase. You will get in trouble later if the area falls within flood or bushfire zones. In addition, check your state zoning laws or hire a lawyer for the same. If required, visit the zoning office to get the information regarding restrictions in your chosen location.

5) Realtor Selection

Realtors not only help you evaluate properties based on your budget but also reduce home transaction costs. They are masters at negotiating and are aware of the market pretty well. So choose a realtor wisely. Verify their certifications and check online reviews. Also, check what kind of property they have most successfully dealt with. This way, you will land an excellent realtor who helps you choose the perfect property.

10 things to consider before buying a property - contract

6) Market Condition

The real estate market isn’t super volatile, but it still gets influenced by several factors. And it would help if you kept a watch on it before you buy your property. Buying one when rates are down might be a good idea, but only if the location is valuable enough to get expensive when rates soar. Also, when the rates are high, be very careful before finalizing a property.

7) Quality

When purchasing land, check the soil quality if you want to buy it for agricultural purposes. If you buy it for building a home, you need to make sure the ground is appropriate for construction. Similarly, for an already constructed building, check its foundation and construction’s durability. Performing such checks saves you from investing in a subpar property and regretting it later.

8) Weather

Certain weather conditions may not be suitable for you or your family members. Also, it’s the weather conditions that will make you choose what crops you can grow, whether your home needs insulation or not, etc. So, when purchasing land, make sure you have analyzed the climatic condition of the location.

9) Orientation

Orientation plays a crucial role in protecting your home from excessive heat. That’s why the direction is of utmost importance for homebuyers. In the future, the market value of your home relies on its orientation, too, so always be careful while choosing the orientation.

10) Size and Shape

The design of your home will ultimately be based on the size and shape of the land you purchase. For most people, the right choice is selecting a rectangular plot that will give the desired shape to your home. The same applies to commercial spaces as well.

Final Words

To always make the right decision when planning to buy a property, consider all of the points above. And don’t forget to comment down below your own purchasing experience and any tips you have for new homebuyers.

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