How to Change Your Gas and Electricity Plan

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One of the most expensive items you will pay for throughout your life is home utility services. Depending on your services provider, the rates and fees will fluctuate, and leave you out in the cold when trying to heat your home. There are many factors to consider when reviewing your utility bills, and sometimes changing your plan and service provider can be what you need to ensure you are paying the most up to date and economical rates possible.

How to Change Your Gas and Electricity Plan

Even if the rates are high, there are programs you can enroll in with your current provider that can ease the financial burden monthly, and allow your money to work for you and not against you. Here are some tips and programs that can make your monthly bill easier to manage.

Comparing Suppliers and Choosing the Right Plan for Your Family’s Needs

Many utility providers will charge above-market rates and extra processing and delivery fees for your utilities. It is important to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. Sometimes utility companies will offer differing fees for processing and providing your utilities. You can review your bills and spend some time researching electricity utility comparisons. By taking the time to look into these comparisons, you can see which utility providers are offering the best rates and services. Ensuring you are with a top-rated provider, who offers the best rates and services, you can sleep comfortably knowing that you are getting top-notch services at the best rates.

Lock in Your Energy Rates with a Contract Company

Many times, not locking in a contract for a designated amount of time means that you are going to pay fluctuating rates that move with the market. If you are on monthly usage billing, you pay per month what you consume, at the market rates, plus you also pay provision and administrative fees. In contrast, if you lock in an energy rate for 12 months, you will be ensured that your rate will not change, even if the market cost of electricity goes up. This is a great option for people who are in a home that they know they won’t be leaving. Even if you do have to suddenly move, the cancellation fee of a contract can end up being less than you would have been paying staying with a monthly billing program.

How to Change Your Gas and Electricity Plan - gas

While many people are hesitant to sign contracts, these are not scams, they have contracted rates with an energy supply company and they can make your monthly budget on track by offering a locked-in rate that won’t vary depending on the market at the time of the bills. It is great to get these contracts signed while the rate offered is low, rather than wait until it is too late and be locked in at a higher rate than you would have been originally offered before you refused the contract. Spend some time to research the pros and cons of these contracts to see what will suit your needs.

Monthly Budget Billing Plans

Many service providers offer a budget program for billing. The way these programs work is by taking an average of the home’s recorded utility usage and offering this average as a set monthly payment. This easy, every month your bill will be the same. If the budget period is for a year, you will have 11 payments of the budgeted price, and then your last cycle will be the offset. The last billing cycle of your budget period will either be more or less than your budget price, as this is when you are billed for true usage. 

Sometimes this past payment will be higher, but it will have kept your monthly payment the same for prior months and will allow you to plan for the final offset payment. If the energy use has been less than average, then you will be given an account credit for the amounts you paid for a didn’t use. This can be a great solution for individuals on a fixed income, who need to know exactly what they will be paying monthly, rather than waiting and seeing what the postman brings for your bill. Either way, these are some great options to employ to change your gas and electricity plans, to allow you to budget and save money on these required expenses. The first step to take when changing your Gas and Electricity plans is to make sure you understand your bill and have reviewed all your options, ensuring your utilities are working for you and not the other way around!

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