The Best Cutting Boards of 2022

In the kitchen, having an excellent cutting board is essential. For every kind of cooking, cast-iron pans and chef’s knives are an absolute must. Royal Craft Wood Large Cutting Board is our recommendation for the most durable and long-lasting cutting surface on the market today. When using a knife, you’ll want to make sure it’s well protected and doesn’t roll about on the counter while you’re using it. Cutting boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best way to maintain a carving board in top condition is to clean it with soap and mineral oil. Plastic, glass, and composite materials may be used to make smaller versions of the original. Since there are so many possibilities, it may be difficult to identify the best from the worst.

The Best Cutting Boards of 2022

There were a variety of anxiously expected goods put to the test, from little to large. If you’re looking for the greatest cutting board for your kitchen, go no further than this beautiful hardwood block.

The Kauai Cutting Board is crafted from 100% bamboo

This cutting board is by far the best we’ve ever used. Testing shows that it is strong enough to handle yet light enough to move and clean with ease. The 14.5 by 11.5-inch cutting area is ideal for most home cutting projects because of its size. In addition, the two-tone color pattern of the Totally Bamboo board makes it visually appealing. Wood’s appearance may be deceiving. This is the finest choice for a long-term, sustainable supply. Despite the fact that bamboo has been criticized for being overly rough, our studies discovered no dulling in the material. Both bamboo and wood cutting boards need the same level of care and attention. Water should never come into contact with the dishwasher. These cutting boards may benefit from mineral oil that is specifically formulated for food use. For the last four and a half years, I’ve been working on the same computer.

The Best Cutting Boards of 2022 - bamboo cutting board

The Epicurean Gourmet Chopping Board

When chopping up succulent fruits or meat, having a device that can collect any liquids that may come out is crucial. In these conditions, the finest cutting board to use is the Epicurean Gourmet Series Cutting Board. When compared to a Prepworks board with the same surface area, this one can hold half a cup of liquid because of its huge juice channels.


Epicurean makes the Epicurean even more simple to use and store in your kitchen. Wood fibers and resins are combined under high pressure to create the composite model. When it came to repelling beet juice stains, the nonporous surface of this product proved to be highly successful throughout our testing. The Epicurean just had a few scratches after going through the dishwasher. In spite of my knives making an awful lot of noise, they didn’t wear out on the hard surface. I was unable to remove sliced onions off a cutting board because they were caught in a deep groove. The flat side of the board is on the opposite side when the board is flipped over.

Hand Grips Wooden Carving Board by Teakhaus

To be honest, I was drooling over the Teakhaus Carving Board. Adding a butcher block countertop to my kitchen would make it more practical than ever before! There is no one-size-fits-all Teakhouse. It was impossible to move even with the help of my kitchen sink garbage disposal, despite the fact that it had a built-in hand hold. However, when I used my knife, working with wood was a joy. The solid wood held tight as I cut and diced my way through the meat. Teak was more resistant to water than pine. There was no water remaining in its grooves when it reached the maximum capacity of liquid (2/3 cup). Slice and dice didn’t need to be piled into plates for me to do. Knives may last longer if they are cared for properly on wooden cutting boards. With time, even the tiniest scratches and nicks will heal. Wood models, such as bamboo boards, should be protected with food-grade mineral oil. It’s a wonderful option if you have a lot of counter space in your kitchen.

Assigning and reorganizing materials

The Material ReBoard was a smart investment. To ensure long-term sustainability, these cutting boards are comprised of 75% recycled plastic and 25% sugarcane. We’ll have to pay a little extra for cutting boards that are more environmentally friendly. The reBoard’s performance exceeded expectations, despite its astronomical price tag. It was simpler to clean than a wooden cutting board because of its small weight, making it more handy.It is easy to remove food from the grooves on the board since it is level on both sides. This knife does not have grooves in order to cut through fattier meals.

During testing, a cutting board was found to be this manner

In our kitchen’s test kitchen, ten different objects of varied sizes and materials were analyzed. The best cutting boards combine durability, balance, and convenience of use into a single piece of equipment. When chopping, keep the cutting board in the same position at all times. Having a moving or sliding cutting board puts your life in peril. While we minced garlic and chopped onions, it was simple to check the cutting board’s stability and balance by making sure it was level and steady on the counter. If a chef has to cope with difficult-to-clean flatware, it’s a recipe for disaster. We tried lifting and storing a board to see how simple it was. The first step was to assess whether there was adequate floor space for everyday chores. For example, the amount of water that the grooves could contain determined how much area they could occupy.


Cutting boards might be affordable, but if you’re going to invest the money on one, make sure it’s a good one. Cutting boards that can be washed in the dishwasher have been put to the test. We used our razor-sharp blades to assess the surface’s resistance to stains and smells. To prevent our blades from dulling, we sharpened them before using each cutting board. We didn’t conduct our testing on any glass, marble, or ceramic boards to keep our blades safe.

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