How to sharpen kitchen knives

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Many of us would like to sharpen kitchen knives but this is not possible because of lack of an idea on what to do. There are sure few techniques you could apply to do the job, but in most cases some of those you know about are not as reliable and useful. One of the solutions you could embrace in this case is to follow the recommended guidelines that will allow you to sharpen your knives effectively.

How to sharpen kitchen knives

Here is an expert walkthrough that gives you step by step instructions to easily sharpen Fixed Blade Knives:

Use a diamond stone or whetstone

The first option you have that will assist you to sharpen your knives is using a whetstone or diamond stone. These are the sharpening surfaces you require and even after getting them, you might need additional procedures to perfect the work. See below how you could effectively sharpen kitchen knives using a whetstone or diamond stone.

How to sharpen kitchen knives - diamond stone

Choose an angle to sharpen the knife

The first thing you need to know is the angle your knife is sharpened at. This information can be sourced from the manufacturer’s website or even by sending them an inquiry. To achieve optimal results, you might need to sharpen the knife at the same angle. One thing to note is that you achieve a sharper edge when you choose shallow angles, so it would be advisable to sharpen at angles between 10o and 30o for each side.


Something else that is also necessary is lubrication. You need honing oil, which not only lubricates the whetstone, but also allows the blade to pass over the stone with ease. You might need to check with the guidelines issued by the manufacturer to understand the recommended lubrication standards.

Begin with the rough side on the stone

Grit is also an essential part of sharpening that you should take advantage of. Different stones give you varying grit. The reason it is recommended to begin with the rough side is because the roughness helps to grind the steel so you can later sharpen to hone the knife on the fine grit.

How to sharpen kitchen knives - whetstone

Sharpening using a honing rod

You might be familiar with a honing rod if you have been grinding your own knives, but do you really understand how to use it properly?

You should hold the rod on your non-dominant hand

The essence of using the right hand for holding is to achieve a comfortable angle and to ensure it faces away from your body. It is advisable to keep the tip of the honing rod elevated above the handle.

Ensure to hold the knife with the dominant hand

Next is to ensure you use your four fingers to hold onto the handle of the knife. The thumb should fall on the spine of the knife, ensuring it is far from the edge.

How to sharpen kitchen knives - honing rod

In relation to the sharpening rod, hold the knife at about 20 degrees

You might choose a different angle, but what you need to focus on is to ensure you maintain one angle throughout the sharpening process. This will make it easier to smooth out the metal and you also achieve uniformity across the blade.

If you are looking for techniques for sharpening knives, the ones discussed above might come in handy to serve your needs. These are simple procedures on how to sharpen kitchen knives which you could try at home and the tools required are available at shops near you.

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