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Swimming pool helps in relieving stress and fatigue. Besides, swimming offers full body exercises. Most of the people usually take a swim after their work or in the morning. However, it is essential to know on the way to take good care for swimming pools and ensure they are sanitary and safe. For commercial and home use, the pools require the best pool cover.

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Having a pool cover is essential to pool owners. Many accidents have been taking place yearly because the kids and pets have been falling in unguarded and uncovered pools. In that case, the family members are in danger. Many people have also proven that using pool covers saves the life. There are best above ground swimming pool covers review found online.

There are different types, shapes, and sizes of swimming pool covers. Here are the best above ground  swimming pool covers found in the market:

Solar Pool Covers

This type of pool covers is also known as bubble covers. They are affordable and absorb the sun’s warmth during the sunny day. It helps in keeping the pool warm even at night with cold temperatures. Solar pool covers also assist in keeping dirt and debris out of pool water. The disadvantage of this pool cover is that they can’t hold weight for a small animal or child.

Automatic Pool Covers

From its name, this type of pool covers uses a push button to open and close. It has an advantage of being the most secure among the other pool covers. Besides, this pool cover supports even heavyweight such of an adult. The disadvantages associated with automatic pool covers are being expensive and doesn’t heat water.

Thermal Pool Covers

Most pool owners consider this type as the best. When installing this pool cover, a professional is needed as its made from an insulating material. The advantages of using thermal pool covers are that it blocks Ultraviolet rays, reduce evaporation by 98% and lasts longer than other pool covers. Besides, people prefer it because it can be easily packed and resists sun damage.

above ground pool cover

The disadvantage of purchasing thermal pool covers is that it doesn’t heat water properly and more expensive than solar pool covers.

Winter Pool Covers

People who rely on this pool covers uses them during the winter season. Even though they can be used throughout the year, but during winter, they help in keeping out extreme temperatures, winter winds and precipitation causing damage. They are relatively inexpensive, lightweight, easy to install and reduces adequate sunlight for algae growth.

Besides, these pool covers are not effective in reducing evaporation, require anchor points and don’t heat water.

Hidden Swimming Pool Covers

If you value, aesthetic value, then hidden swimming pool covers are the best. They have a lid that helps to hide the roller and cover. The advantage of using this pool cover is that it looks appealing and it can be rolled in the water manually, semi-automatically or automatically with a hand crank.

The disadvantage of purchasing this type is that it is expensive and mostly the automatic ones. Also, this type of pool cover is not easy to install, especially in pools that exist.

Mesh Vs. Solid Pool Cover

When you use a mesh pool cover, it allows rain and snow seep through it into a swimming pool. With solid pool cover, you will use a pump when removing water that is in the cover. A mesh pool cover is much lighter than a solid cover. Besides, you will not require to pump water from mesh pool cover after raining.

Mesh covers have a disadvantage of allowing debris inside the pool, and it will require cleaning unlike using solid covers.

The most critical decision to make is to choose the best pool cover to purchase and get extra savings. In the review, there is much on the best pool covers. You should also remember that using a pool cover keeps off the children from falling accidents. It is, therefore, an excellent device you can use.

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