Choosing the perfect pool cover

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Pools are the best place to hit when it comes to spending a good time with your family. But what happens when you are all set to take a dip, but the pool is dirty and spoilt? The entire mood gets destroyed, and you have to spend your free time cleaning the pool. Why not get rid of this situation and shop for the best quality pool covers? These pool covers can keep your pool clean and also increase its durability.

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Let’s read on to learn more about choosing the best pool covers.

Winter covers

As its name suggests, winter pool covers are ideal for usage in the winter to preserve your pool. Winter pool coverings offer the following advantages:

  • They offer quick and simple installation
  • Remove dirt, leaves, and sticks from the pool.
  • These covers are inexpensive.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that while having the word “winter” in their names, these pool coverings are not particularly resilient and offer little protection from heavy snowfall, prolonged rain, or objects falling into the cover. Additionally, they cannot effectively prevent animals and children from falling in due to their lack of durability.

Safety covers

Another type of pool cover is the safety cover, which has the following advantages:

  • very strong and capable of bearing hundreds of pounds of weight.
  • easy application and maintenance.

Safety pool covers have many advantages, but they also have a few drawbacks. They often cost more, for instance, and initial installation takes a lot of work.

Finally, mesh and solid safety pool covers are the two types available. Mesh covers are more lightweight and enable rainfall to enter the pool, but they also let the sunshine into the pool, which might encourage the growth of algae. Solid safety covers are more substantial and prevent any debris and algae development from entering the pool.

Automatic cover

A cover that may be moved by turning a crank or pressing a button is called an automatic cover, as the name implies. The installation of this type of pool cover offers many advantages for owners, including:

  • Safe for kids and animals to tread on.
  • Effectiveness and quickness of covering or removing the cover.

Despite the fact that automated coverings have several advantages, their cost might be high. Additionally, because the automated cover requires two parallel tracks on either side of the pool, they cannot be used with all pool forms. This type of cover might not be suitable for pools with curves or elevations.

automatic pool cover

Solar cover

Solar covers heat swimming pool water by utilizing the sun’s UV radiation. These pool coverings, which are positioned poolside down, are supposed to resemble bubble wrap and have bubbles on their surface. The following are some advantages of solar pool covers:

  • temperature of the water was raised by 10 to 15 degrees.
  • a reduction in water evaporation, which also reduces the need to refill water and chemicals.
  • extended season for swimming.
  • less expensive in terms of energy than heating pools with gas or electricity.
  • than thermal pool coverings in price.

These are all wonderful advantages, but solar pool covers are not a long-term solution that can shield against winter weather or stop kids from sliding and falling into the pool.

Thermal covers

Thermal pool covers employ UV rays to heat the water in your pool, just like solar pool covers do. These coverings also provide the following advantages:

  • They often survive up to 10 years, which is substantially longer.
  • Thermal pool coverings are constructed from a foam-like substance that improves pool insulation and heating.
  • reduced evaporation of water

It’s crucial to consider thermal pool covers drawbacks as well. Despite being comparable to solar pool covers, they are about twice as expensive. Additionally, these coverings are not effective at preventing dogs or kids from falling into the pool.


Now that you are well aware of the different types of pool covers, it is time to shop for the best one. Your cost will vary depending on the brand and features of the insurance as well as the type of coverage you select. You’ll gain from looking for premium, well-known brands because safety is their main goal. Additionally, although covers bearing the coveted UL symbol of approval may cost a little more than those without it, the added security will be worth the extra money.

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