5 Tips for a Successful Living Room Remodel

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Make sure you’re prepared before remodeling your living room. Keep reading for 5 tips for a successful living room remodel. Tired of your current home but not inclined to move? Remodeling your existing home is a great way to make it feel fresh again. 55 percent of homeowners like to tackle home improvement jobs themselves. It saves money and gives you control over the finished look.

5 Tips for a Successful Living Room Remodel - beautiful living room

You also get a greater sense of satisfaction when you get to enjoy your new living room! To help you out, we’ve collected our 5 tips to a successful living room remodel.

Decide What to Keep

Take a look around your living room. Some pieces will still have a place in your new design. You’ll create a new decor around them so make sure they work in the new scheme. If a sofa has a solid frame and good size? It might be worth having it reupholstered instead of buying new.

Do Plenty of Research

This is the fun part! Check out Pinterest or websites like this one for ideas. Look at the rest of your home and see what designs work. If the remodel jars with the rest of the house, you won’t enjoy the end result. This is where you can define the scope of the remodel. It’ll help you set your expectations on the time frame involved. You can explore the materials or designs you might want to include. Check out trends or furniture ideas.

Set a Budget

Say you have your heart set on a tulip table. Is it in your budget? In short, a budget lets you stick to the scope you set during research. Take the products, labor, and materials into account. Leave yourself a little extra for unforeseen issues. A budget also helps you find the right contractors if you’re not doing the remodel yourself.

Choose the Right Floor

The right flooring can make or break a room. It’s your largest surface so it’s the key thing that brings the rest of the design together. Keep durability in mind. Living rooms see a lot of foot traffic. Will your chosen floor covering handle it? And choose a floor that suits the mood and the rest of your furnishings. A patterned floor can create a nice contrast with a neutral scheme. Pick the right material to suit your aesthetic.

Design Around Your Statement Pieces

Rugs, large furniture, artworks or light fixtures qualify as statement pieces. If you’re not sure, ask yourself the following question. Will this piece be a focal point in the room? Does it grab attention? Yes? Then it’s a statement piece. If you don’t want it to grab attention then choose something else. When choosing statement pieces, pick sizes appropriate to the room. i.e. don’t put a large statement piece in a small room, and vice versa.

Finding the rest of your pieces will be easier once you’ve chosen your statements. The same goes for accessories. Think of statement pieces as the main ingredients of the dish. Secondary items are the side plates. And accessories are the seasoning. The beauty of accessories is you can reuse them in other rooms to change up the design of your home.

Get Excited About Your Living Room Remodel

It’s natural to do a living room remodel before the rest of the house. You spend most of your time in the room so you want to enjoy the space. But you also want to love your new space. So follow these 5 tips and create a design that perfectly expresses your personality. Good luck!

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