Decorating your living room in style

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After the first few months of lockdown, we all realized our homes need a facelift. Due to health and safety concerns, staying at home became a priority, and we couldn’t help but pay more attention to our space. The living room is an essential space in the home; apart from being an entertainment center, it is the first room our guests are introduced to when they come to our homes. So when it comes to sprucing up your living space, the pressure is on! That’s why we made this comprehensive guide to decorating your living room in style.

Decorating your living room in style

Unlike the kitchen or bedroom that is closed off to guests, many feel the need to impress in the living room. Putting together a living space can feel intimidating; however, it is all about balancing practicality and aesthetics. You need more than a good eye for décor to dress up your living space; here are some pointers to help you out.

Find a sofa

When picturing your living space, it is hard to imagine a room without a sofa. The couch is a focal point for the area in most homes, so decorating will typically revolve around the sofa. So, let’s go sofa hunting! Picking a sofa is a big part of decorating the living space, so you need to play your cards right when shopping. What style of couch do you want? Is the size practical for your room? Does the functionality of your sofa match your needs? There are considerations to remember when sofa hunting, so ensure you go through them before buying the last thing you want is tripping over the edges of your couch.

Pick a color pallet

In 2021, we are redefining neutrals in the living room. Rather than settling for neutral colors entirly, you can add a pop of color to spice things up.  The color you choose for your living room could make or break its appeal; pick something that matches your existing style. Whether it is a new film of paint, some pillowcases, or a colorful ottoman, a dash of color will make your living room cheerful.

Dress your windows

Although some people choose to go curtainless, it does not mean window treatments are a thing of the past. There is elegance in choosing to dress your windows, whether in drapes or curtains, and we know just the place! Direct Fabrics can introduce you to the whole world of curtain fabric textures, patterns and colors to help you get the look you want for your space. The best part is you can experiment with patterns and different textures. Apart from privacy and blocking out sunlight, curtains can help you set the mood in your living room so be sure to add them to your decor kit.

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Switch up the lighting

If you are looking for a way to do a compete makeover of your living room, lighting is one area you cannot go wrong. Good lighting will not only brighten up the room but also elevate its overall look. There are three types of lighting you can work into your space; task, ambient, and accent. Homeowners should trade lightly (you read that right) when it comes to lighting because each serves a different purpose in the room. For example, chandeliers are statement pieces that can tie the entire room perfectly, whereas scones are used for ambient lighting. So before shopping for lighting, ensure you have a vision of how your living room will look, then determine what you can add to the room. Remember you have free reign to pick whatever feels suitable for your space, so do not stress about uniformity because you can still make different style fixtures work as long as they complement your space.

Wooden furniture

Nothing says timeless more than a piece of wooden furniture. Whether it is a console, end table, or coffee table, furniture makes a bold statement in your living space. The classy element of wood makes it perfect for any living room regardless of the style. There are different types of wood; thus, you will have no trouble finding something uniquely for you. Adding a wooden piece to your living space can spruce up the area, making it feel new again, so do not hesitate about getting one for your space.

If you have been contemplating decorating your living room, this is a cue you should. You can do so much to create an appealing space, from adding a simple accessory to including a complex element in the area. Decorating does not have to feel like an impossible task; this guide will set you on a path of dressing up your living room in style. All you need to start is to know your decorating style and choose what is most pleasing to you.

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