Choosing the Right Living Room Layout: 10 Tips to Remember 

The layout of a room is critical to the overall atmosphere. It’s what promotes both comfort and functionality. However, knowing where to get started when rearranging your furniture can be challenging. You want to maximize the space while adding to the overall aesthetic.

Choosing the Right Living Room Layout

If you’re not sure where to begin, keep on reading. Below, we are going to go over ten tips to keep in mind when creating your living room layout. Let’s get started.

Empty the entire room before you begin

The first step to designing a practical room layout is to start with a blank canvas. Empty the room completely, and make sure you declutter along the way. This will help you see what pieces you have to work with and what space is available. Aim to throw away, donate or store what you no longer need. This will make the entire process run much more smoothly. It’s also a good idea to keep a list handy and jot down any items that you think you will need to purchase. It will stop you from buying anything unnecessary, and you’ll be able to stick to a stricter budget.

Get accurate measurements

Once you’ve emptied the room, you want to make sure that you get accurate measurements of both the space itself and your primary furniture items. This will help you determine whether you can fit in larger pieces of furniture, such as these sleeper sofas full size, or if you need to downsize. To get started, you’ll need a tape measure and an extra set of hands. Trust us when we say it will be challenging to do it yourself.

Find your focal point

Your focal point is the area that your layout will be focused on. For many, this is usually the television unit. However, there are other things that you can use as well. For instance, your fireplace, a unique sculpture, or even a brightly colored couch may be the center of attention. Locating it will not only help with the layout but will also bring your living room to life. It’s the first thing you should place.

Consider what activities you will be doing

Another thing to take into consideration when designing your layout is what activities you will be doing in the room. Will you be playing board games with friends, having family movie nights, or dancing to your favorite music videos? Your lifestyle habits will impact the design of the space and how you should arrange your furniture.

Remember to keep things balanced

One general rule that you should follow, no matter what style you have, is to try and keep things balanced. Symmetry is visually satisfying and works well in small and large spaces. An example would be to place a couch facing two armchairs or putting two potted plants on either side of the room. It really will pull everything together to create a cohesive environment.

Choosing the Right Living Room Layout - amazing living room

Avoid pushing everything to the wall

One thing that many people do to try and save space is push all of their furniture against the wall. However, this actually isn’t the best solution. By allowing room between the wall and your furniture, you create the illusion of a larger area. Even just a few inches can make a big difference.

Pay attention to the lighting of the room

Another thing to keep in mind is the lighting that is available in your room. If you have large open windows that let in great sunlight, creating a book nook underneath can be an excellent choice. However, you still want to have some barrier of protection. This is not just for privacy reasons, but the sun may cause wear and tear on anything directly exposed to it. You might also have to think about where the outlets are in your home. Any lamps or electronics are going to have to be in specific locations, whereas other furniture can be placed around them. If nothing seems to be working, you may need to look into hiring an electrician.

Leave space for movement

Above we talked about how important it is to have space for your activities, but you also need to pay attention to the flow of traffic in your home. If you have a large family, you want to be able to move about quickly without having to squeeze past and dodge each other. Remember, you may have to shift a few pieces here and there until you get the best possible solution. Trial and error always comes in handy.

Consider your storage

When planning your layout, you mustn’t forget to include any storage that will be in the room. Shelving, cube units, and even extra seating all take up space. If you will be putting anything on the walls, measure correctly and make sure that they are the appropriate height. Placing them too low will make the room appear smaller, and they may even become a hazard. As a guide shelving should hang at around 4-4.5 feet from the floor. If they are above the couch, they should measure at least 10 inches from the back of it.

Use mirrors to your advantage

Finally, the last tip to follow is to make sure you use mirrors to your advantage. These fantastic pieces have multiple purposes and even make the room appear larger than it really is by reflecting light. Place them opposite the window or behind a light source for an incredible optical illusion. From geometric patterns to full-size wall options, there are many different styles and designs to choose from.

And that’s it! These were ten tips that you should keep in your mind when choosing your living room layout. While it all might seem a little overwhelming, once you get motivated, you’ll soon find the right set-up for you and your family. If you’re still having trouble, head online and browse around for some inspiration. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help. Good luck!

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