Four Ways to Solve a Foul-Smelling Drain

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A blocked drainage system is a common household problem nowadays. However, it can get worse when your drain has a foul smell. The good thing is you can solve this issue by following some steps. Well, there are several reasons to have a foul-smelling drain.

Four Ways to Solve a Foul-Smelling Drain

This article will share how to solve the bad-smelling drain problem. Moreover, we will also cover the common reasons for this issue and how to prevent it. If you don’t want to experience this problem in your household, make sure you read each point carefully.

Top Reasons for Foul-Smelling Drain

Before you learn about the top ways to solve the foul-smelling drain issue, you must know about the common reasons. We will share the top reasons for a bad-smelling drainage system below.

Let’s find out:

1. Mould Growth

In most cases, drain odors come from a mould source. You see, mould attracts moisture, and it can cause many problems. If you find mould growing in your drain, make sure you get rid of it as soon as possible.

2. Clogged Vent Pipes

You might know that vent pipes can prevent sewer gas from entering your household. However, in your house, vent pipes can get clogged by debris. As a result, it will back down sewer gasses through your drains.

3. Trapped Dirt

Trapped dirt is one of the most common reasons for smelly drains. It happens as various particles such as food, hair, grease, and gunk block the drainage system by attracting bacteria.

4. Tree Roots

If you have planted a tree near your drain, there’s a chance that the tree roots will start growing. As a result, it will damage your plumbing system.

5. Water Issues

In some cases, several water issues can be the cause of a foul-smelling drain. On the other hand, your water heater also is the reason for the smelly drainage system.

6. Plumbing Problem

If your drainage system has plumbing problems such as water leaks, aged pipes, and rotting pipes, it can also cause smelly drains. However, it’s a rare reason.

Four Ways to Solve a Foul-Smelling Drain - vinegar

Materials You Need

To clean your smelly drain, you need some basic materials. According to most pipeline drainage solutions, you can complete it using some simple items. If you don’t have the following materials, make sure you purchase them first:

  • Gloves
  • Vinegar
  • Hot water
  • Bucket
  • Hose
  • Plunger

Top Ways to Solve Bad Smelly Drain

Now, you know what causes a smelly blocked drain. If you want to get rid of this problem, you can follow some simple steps. That’s why we will share the top four ways to solve this problem for your household.

1. Identify The Source

Identifying the source of the smell is essential, especially when you want to solve the issue. When you identify the source, you can implement the method easily.

2. Vinegar or Hot Water

The simplest way to get rid of smelly drains is using hot water or vinegar. Pour hot water to the simmering point and wait for a few minutes. Then, pour cold water. You can use vinegar as an alternative.

3. Use Plunger

If your drain is clogged, you have to unclog it. In this case, using a plunger can be the best idea. However, you have to use petroleum jelly on the edge of the plunger before using it. Keep plunging until the drain is unclogged.

4. Clean the P-Trap

If your p-trap is creating issues, you have to clean it. Ensure you wear gloves before starting the process. Get rid of all the gunk from the p-trap. Once it’s done, you have to reattach it to the plumbing system.

How to Prevent Your Drain From Bad Smelling

You see, a bad-smelling drain is a common problem among households. However, you can prevent it by following some methods. Moreover, you don’t have to clean your drain often. Let’s see how to prevent your drain from foul-smelling:

  • Don’t dispose of oil or grease in your sink
  • You have to pour boiling water into household drains every 7 days
  • Clean your garbage disposal regularly
  • Use taps regularly


Finally, you know how to get rid of a smelly drain. Besides applying our method, you should take care of it regularly. That’s why we have shared how to prevent this problem in this article. If you can’t do this by yourself, you can also get help from an expert. You can also start your research on the internet.

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