Six Warning Signs of a Clogged Drain

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Plumbing issues are probably the most common repair and maintenance chore faced by any homeowner. Most often than not, all major plumbing problems arise from clogged or blocked drains and pipes. If you have similar problems then contact PPSSA in Adelaide an expert on this kind of problems. Unfortunately, clogged drains go unnoticed all the time. Usually, home owners fail to take cognizance of minor leaks and overflows until they take the form of exponential water damage. If clogged drains are repaired at the very early stages, it may be possible to ward off the huge costs and damages to a great extent.

Six Warning Signs of a Clogged Drain

Here we list some of the clear warning signs of a clogged drain that should never be ignored.

Sluggish drainage

If you happen to face an unusually slowed drainage in the sink and bathtubs, that’s a clear indication of a clogging problem. The issue may be limited to a particular drainage pipe. But there may be instances of blocked drainage just about everywhere in the house. In this case, you may be dealing with a blockage of the main sewer line. You must call a plumber for drain and water cleanup as soon as possible.

The toilet won’t flush

You know you are facing a gross problem, when no matter what, the toilet refuses to flush. Or in some cases, there may be a reverse flow of drainage. In either case, there must have been a blockage caused by the wrong stuff being flushed in the toilet. This issue needs your immediate attention for the sake of health and hygiene. You can clear a clogged toilet with a plunger. If the plunger is of no avail, you should look for professional plumbing service.

Smelly drains

You may notice just a faint unpleasant odor in the kitchen or bath that persists for days. Clearly, this is a sign of a blocked drain. If the smell is coming from the kitchen sink, it is likely that food particles stuck inside the drain have started rotting. Try to run lots of water through the drain and pop in some soap or lemon juice to drown the smell. A drain may be giving an awful smell due to an unusual situation too. A dead rodent trapped in the drain may be the cause. If you are unable to get rid of the smell through ordinary efforts, it’s best to call in an expert for review.

Six Warning Signs of a Clogged Drain - clogged drainGurgling sounds

Sometimes your washbasin may greet you with funny gurgling sounds as it drains. Usually, this may be due to air pressure and not a matter of much concern. But consistent gurgling noises indicate the possibility of a blockage deep down in the main sewer line. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do to fix the problem at hand. You will have to seek professional plumbing services to get the issue sorted at the earliest.

Water puddles

You may find puddles of water at unexpected places for absolutely no reason. Water puddles indoors are quite noticeable, but any puddles outside the house may escape your knowledge altogether. In any case, we strongly recommend never ignoring any kind of water puddles. If you find any unexplained puddles around the house, you should contact a plumber to investigate the situation.

Overflowing sewer

It isn’t a tough task to locate your home’s sewer cleanout. A sewer cleanout is usually present in your home basement or outdoors. It is important that you keep vigil on the sewer cleanout on a regular basis. An overflowing sewer cleanout can become a huge problem if not dealt with soon enough. If you find any signs of sewer outflow or leakage, you should reach out to a plumber at the earliest. The leakage may be due to a clog in the main sewer line or your basin drain which needs immediate cleanup.

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