A Phone Call Fix for Those Leaky Pipes : Plumbers at High Point, NC

Most issues with plumbing always come up sudden and unexpected, and have to be acted upon quickly. Wasting time looking up a Do it Yourself video on Youtube could easily turn a small problem into a big one, especially with running water. So it’s best to always stick a plumber’s number on your refrigerator or in your wallet in case of emergencies.

Plumber High Point, NC

In High Point, North Carolina—having a local plumber, High Point Plumber, within a phone call’s reach could save you a lot of trouble. Professionals who could do the job quickly, efficiently, and honestly—it’s good to have a source of reliance.

High Point Weather

Weather plays a big factor with regards to the problems affecting your plumbing. High Point has a Humid Subtropical climate and experiences all four seasons. Which means plumbing issues can arise at any time of the year.

Spring arrives and with it leaky pipes. Why is that?

As the warmer temperatures set in, pipes that have frozen or contracted due to winter’s bite start to expand ever so slightly. But that small expansion is enough for small cracks to appear, leading to leaks in your plumbing system. Outdoor pipes, most especially, including old and worn out pipes are prone to such damages.

With Summer comes the sudden rainfall.

Heavy, or constant rainfall is bad news for your outdoor sewer line. The rain loosens and moves the soil, as well as your pipes. Damage can occur from this, and already present damage can worsen. Blockage for example, can occur when loose soil seeps into the tiny cracks on your pipes and block the flow of water within them.

Plumber High Point, NC - plumber

Problems from Fall and Winter come together

Plumbing issues that occur over winter usually begin over fall. Freezing pipes for example—when water freezes it expands, causing your pipes to burst. If you experience this, then that would mean that your plumbing system wasn’t fitted with insulation for winter. Before winter comes, be sure to prepare your water heater. When your pipes get colder, so does the water that passes through and reaches your heater. It takes double the effort on your water heater’s part, and causes double the strain—allowing a higher chance of water heater failure.

Other than these plumbing issues, there are more that could be mentioned. But I’ve never had problems with my plumbing so far, why would I need to keep a plumber’s contact ready? That’s just it—you’ve never had problems before so how could you know how to deal with it when the time comes? High Point’s weather is a cycle, and that would mean that these issues can occur at any time. It’s always best to be ready for any eventualities, and High Point Plumbers are the right people for the job.

With decades of experience within the city, their response time as well as dealing and providing measures against the recurrence of High Point’s plumbing issues far outstrip that of what someone can do while fumbling around with a Do it Yourself video.

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  1. The importance of fixing leaky pipes right away is safety, saving money and preventing other serious issues. The best time to fix leaks is always “now”. All of our technicians have years of professional experience providing outstanding residential and commercial water heater services, and are licensed, bonded, and background-checked so you can be confident you are getting high-quality service.

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