7 Signs Your Trees Need Pruning

As a property owner and a tree lover, you’re probably an expert on taking good care of trees. They are one of the most significant plants on earth. Trees store carbon, provide us with oxygen, hold the soil, and provide habitat to wildlife. EPM Iowa says proper care is the only way to ease the tension of losing your tree. Pruning them, when necessary, watchful for disease and unhealthy branches are some of the ways to keep your tree healthy, safe, and beautiful.

7 Signs Your Trees Need Pruning

If your tree maintenance is so bad that you can’t handle it yourself, it’s best to call on professional maintenance services to cater to your pruning needs. If you happen to reside in the Greater Brisbane region, you’re lucky to count on brisbanetreeworx.com.au and other similar sites for the best maintenance service. The following are top signs your tree needs pruning:

1. Branches Over Power Lines

It is one of the signs your tree needs pruning. If any of its branches have grown long enough over the power line or the roof-top, it brings danger to your house and even the neighborhood. Make sure to give your trees inspection to avoid this danger regularly. It is one of the signs that a tree surgeon or an arborist is needed to conduct pruning. An arborist will ensure maximum safety to your family, neighbors, your house and prevent tree damage through pruning.

2. Broken Branches

Usually, people find it evident for tree branches to break, but in a real sense, it’s a sign of a tree in need of pruning. Usually, you’ll see these damages during the rainy or windy season and after heavy snow. When this isn’t taken care of, it may cause a lot of damage to the family, visitors, or even yourself. Any broken, bowing, or splintering branches need to be pruned as soon as possible. To keep up with your tree’s welfare, you have to walk your property after heavy snow to ensure your trees are in good shape.

3. Dead/Diseased Limbs

Like human beings, trees also get infected by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and insects. Plants have ways to isolate shed dead, diseased tissues, shed killed, and damage, though it can take ages to take care of themselves. That’s why pruning gives your plant a boost. Checking up on the trees doesn’t have to be after the rainy season. Frequently check them because they also experience health issues. Pruning targets the infected area, getting rid of the diseased wood from the tree and out of the site to prevent spread. You should also disinfect the tool used to cut off the part before cutting good lumber again. Pruning dead, damaged, and diseased woods is significant because it contains living inoculants that can easily re-infect the living functions.

4. Weak Branches

If you notice weak branches on your tree, it’s best to cut them off before it breaks and hurt someone. As much as you can control threats, you’ll also encourage the growth of new healthy limbs. This problem can be solved by trimming the unhealthy branches before it’s too late.

7 Signs Your Trees Need Pruning - pruning

5. Misshapen Trees

Misshapen trees are trees that grow in the wrong shape. Well, everyone loves the appealing front yard and won’t imagine living with an ugly misshaped tree. Trees don’t usually look attractive on their own. They require regular pruning and treatment. Pruning inspires growth, and having your misshapen trees pruned regularly makes them grow into a unique, attractive shape. Without pruning, these trees can break easily, causing damage to the front yard or other property.

6. Too Much Growth

People love to see plants and landscapes grow, but too much growth can be harmful. If your tree happens to grow too fast in an unusual manner, then it’s time to give them a quick prune to avoid any damage and keep them looking healthy. Some trees tend to grow out instead of growing up. When you happen to notice this with your landscaping, then you’ll need to prune the branches regularly.

7. Cracks On The Bark

Cracks on the tree’s bark or branches indicate something is wrong with the tree. Typically, this is caused by a disease. If left untouched, the tree is likely to die. Pruning the branches with deep cracks will help save the tree by giving it a chance to re-grow healthier.


To ensure healthy trees are on your property, you need to maintain and take good care of them. Tree pruning is an essential part of maintaining appealing, healthy trees. However, most people don’t know when to prune or cut for great results. The above signs will help you see when the tree needs pruning.

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