5 Signs That You Need a Tree Surgeon or Arborist

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It will go against the grain for many visitors to this website to hire a professional. After all, the whole premise of this site is to provide tips for DIY enthusiasts and to help them save money. However, there are occasions when a professional has to be called in. This is often due to the task at hand, but it can also be due to local regulations and laws. For instance, in Australia, it is illegal to carry out any electrical work in the home apart from very basic tasks such as replacing light bulbs.

5 Signs That You Need a Tree Surgeon or Arborist

One area that may require professionals in the US and other countries is tree care. Knowing how to take care of trees on your property may have to involve a professional, no matter how handy you are with your tools. Below are five indications that you need to put down your tool bag, and call a tree surgeon.

When it is too dangerous to prune the tree yourself

Pruning and trimming small trees is perfectly ok to do by yourself. Once a tree gets to a certain size though, a tree surgeon should be called in. Tree trimming is a dangerous task and involves heights, dangerous equipment, and heavy branches. Put these three things together along with an inexperienced worker and you have an accident waiting to happen. The CDC reports that between 1992 and 2007, a total of 1,285 workers died while carrying out tree care duties. 44% of these individuals were trimming or pruning a tree when the accident occurred. This shows that tree care is even dangerous for professionals.

When it may be illegal to undertake tree care

Just as you shouldn’t be carrying out unlicensed electrical work in your home in Australia, you also can’t trim tall trees in California without a permit. There are various regulations and licensing for trimming and felling trees across the states, and indeed, the world. For example, in the UK there are government guidelines on when you need to apply for a tree felling license. Burning stumps and using chemicals may also require permission or a permit.

When the tree has been hit by a storm

Heavy storms can do serious damage to buildings and property. Trees are often hit badly, and the UK witnessed a severe example of this back in 1987. One storm that year managed to topple over 15 million trees in a single night. Fortunately, these types of storms are rare, but nevertheless, trees do sustain damage sometimes, and when they do they can become dangerous. A storm-damaged tree can represent a hazard to your home and your family. In this instance, the tree will need to be inspected, and a plan of action made. The tree may be able to be repaired, or it may need to be felled. Either way, a tree surgeon or arborist is needed to inspect and carry out the work.

5 Signs That You Need a Tree Surgeon or Arborist - arborist

When the tree has a disease

This is one area that an arborist is definitely needed for. Unless you have attended a lengthy course on tree care and gained experience in this area, it is unlikely you will be able to diagnose and treat tree diseases. If you should ever be looking for tree surgeon quotes then it is when you suspect there is a disease. Tree diseases can often be treated, but some are deadly. Some can infect your other plants and trees too, so an arborist is essential on this occasion.

When the tree is dying or dead

A dying tree may not need to be removed straight away, but it should be inspected to make sure it is safe. A dead tree, however, does need to be removed. Dead trees represent a hazard as they can topple. Dead limbs can fall and hurt anyone below, and the tree can become a danger to the property during storms. Dead trees also attract unwanted pests which include bugs, and also rats. On occasion, it has been known for rats to make homes from dead trees. If this happens then your home will be a very attractive source of food for them. Regardless of the dangers and inconvenience of having a dead tree in the garden, there is also the aesthetic value to consider. Dead trees are ugly. They will detract from the beauty of your garden, and lower the value of your home.


There are many advantages to DIY work in the home and round the garden. Skills are learned, old ones are honed, and money can be saved. However, occasionally, there are times when a professional still needs to be called. Trees add a lot of value to a garden through their appearance, and they add value to the property too. It is important to find ways to keep your trees healthy, so they can keep giving you this added value. The instances above are times when it pays to call in a tree surgeon, and not do it yourself. Just for once.

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