Garden shed is a valuable asset for your property

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There are several considerations to evaluating a property’s value. Economic factors, interest rates, and property features are some. Not every home improvement project adds value to your home, though. If you’re planning on getting a shed, that is a good choice! Sheds are a great addition to any house. They’re perfect storage solutions, and can be used for different purposes. Companies like Shedfirst are filled with a lot of options if you’re looking for one.

Shed ia a valuable asset to your property

Furthermore, we are presenting you several ways that building a shed can add value to your property:

Big sheds add value

Small sheds add little to no value to any house at all. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them as it all depends on your family’s needs. Not everyone has the luxury of space to install a big shed too but that’s okay. When it comes to appraising though, big wooden sheds can add up to 5% of your list price. Size matters, that is. The bigger the shed, the more value it offers. There’s more storage and more ground to work on. That means prospective buyers will be more enticed to invest on your property.

Multi-purpose sheds are a delightful add-on to any house. Especially if you have big yard, having an extra space to wander in adds value to any home. Sheds can be used not just for extra storage but as a workshop too. It can even be made into a play space for children or a garden shed.

Well-designed sheds are a plus

Sheds that are designed to match the look of the house adds value. It means the owners are concerned about things looking aesthetically pleasing, and that’s always an advantage. From the roofing, to the base materials, and overall furnishing, a beautiful shed is always a plus. The character that outdoor sheds offer adds to the appeal of the home. Note that sheds situated at the back has more value than those at the front. Simply put, front sheds break the front appeal of the property.

Professionally built sheds also have more appeal than DIY projects. This is because there’s zero flaws guaranteed and installation is almost always perfect. DIY sheds tend to miss out on a couple of things, like faulty wiring and shoddy finishes and these can be easily noticed.

Sheds made in durable materials are an advantage

Sheds made with durable materials are more likely to add value to your home. In essence, anything that looks disposable takes away your house’s appeal. Dirty plastic sheds, worn out metal sheds, and rotting wooden sheds are all a no-no. They may even lower the value of your property because it entails more work for the buyers to fix or remove it.

When building a shed that’s meant for long term use, get the best materials in the market. Strong and durable materials translate to a better quality shed.

Sheds are definitely a great addition to your house, specially if you need it. If you need help in choosing the perfect shed your garden you can check out our guide on How to choose the perfect garden shed. Appraisers have much to look at a property when deciding its value, and sheds are one of them. Make sure to invest in a good one!

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