Guide To Craft A Large Wooden Backyard Shed With The Best Roof Style

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Crafting a large shed in your backyard can be a challenging DIY project. You may want to get some 10×12 storage shed plans for wooden buildings from the internet and get right into construction. But it is always better to consider all your options before you begin.

shed with gable roof

The durability of your 10×12 shed will be determined by many factors. One main factor is the roof design you choose for your outdoor shed.

Lean-To Or Slanted Shed Roof Design

This is the simplest form of roof design. It is also known as skillion design. One wall of the shed is made higher than the opposing wall, and a single sloped roof is laid across these two walls. This forms the lean-to-roof design. The slanted roof design is the easiest to build, and it is also the least expensive. It will keep the rain and snow away from your shed walls. Depending on the pitch of the roof, you may also be able to create some attic space beneath the rafters. Due to the simple rafter layout in this design, this is not a very sturdy roof. Lean-to roofs are not ideal for areas with strong winds because the wind can easily blow away the roof.

shed with lean to roof

Barn Style Or Gambrel Roof Structure

The gambrel roof layout makes your shed look like a vintage barn. It consists of rafters arranged in two separate pitches and fastened with gussets. This roof design will give you the maximum amount of attic space beneath the rafters. Barn-styled roofs are complex to build due to the cuts and joints involved. They are also more costly due to the extra materials needed for crafting the 10×12 roof components. Although this roof layout is sturdier than the lean-to design, it will still need to be reinforced with metal ties to sustain strong winds.

shed with gambrel roof

Hip Shed Roof Layout

A hip roof is the sturdiest roof you can craft for your shed. It is ideal for regions with high winds and heavy rains. In this design, the four parts of the roof along the four walls slant and meet at a common central point. This is a very complex roof design that involves many angled cuts and bracing components. So, it is not meant for beginners. The cost will also be higher because of the many roofing members needed for construction.

shed with hip roof

Gable Or Double-Pitched Roof Design For Sheds

A gable roof is the most typical design that can be seen on most sheds. It consists of two sloped sections of equal pitch that meet together at a central ridge line. It allows easy installation of ventilation ducts under the gables. And this design also gives some attic space underneath the rafters depending on the pitch of the roof. Gabled roofs are more complex to build than lean-to roofs, but they are also more durable. These roofs are ideal in areas with heavy rain and snowfall. However, if your area is prone to strong winds, then it is recommended to use hurricane ties to reinforce the roof joints. Each roof design has its merits and flaws. Your individual skill level, budget, and purpose for building the shed will decide what roof style is most suitable for your needs.

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