5 Sewing Mistakes that will Make Your Clothes Look Homemade

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Making your own clothes or for your clients can be a great experience. Wearing something handmade and knowing you’re the one who did it can be a refreshing experience especially if you’re able to do it perfectly well. However, when it comes to sewing, many people make some terrible mistakes that make their clothes look obviously homemade and without a touch of class. If you have never tried your hands on sewing, doing so can be a great experience that helps you relax and also put your skills into use. Homemade clothes do not necessarily mean poor quality and should not be considered so. You can simply sew something amazing with a little bit of learning and practice.

5 Sewing Mistakes that will Make Your Clothes Look Homemade

However, we’d like to discuss a few mistakes that you should avoid as they have the potential to make your clothes look homemade and of low quality. Avoiding these mistakes can be a guarantee of beautiful, handmade clothes.

5 sewing mistakes to avoid when sewing

1. Using the wrong fabric

Different design patterns work well with different fabric recommendations. While you’re free to stray a bit from the recommendation, sticking to the recommended guide is advisable especially if you want to maintain quality outcome. The wrong fabric will defy the best of your sewing efforts even if you’re doing it professionally leaving your clothes looking homemade and unsightly.  Always read the back of the pattern you have in mind for recommendations and keep to that.

2. Failing to adjust the pattern to your body needs

When it comes to sewing, knowing your body size is very essential especially if you’re not a typical standard pattern size. It’s one thing to like a certain pattern you see and wish to replicate it but always know whether such should be adjusted especially if you’re the model thin type or curvy. It’d be advisable to use muslin and make a test garment before sewing the main pattern as see how it fits on you. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you are free to move to the main sewing but if not, at least you’ll have known where some adjustments are needed.

3. Cutting fabric without maintaining the required straightness

Your pattern pieces are supposed to be straight right from the cutting process. Normally, the grainline should be parallel to the fabric’s selvage for it to be considered straight. While it’s possible to consider a pattern piece as straight based on the natural eyes, measuring the pieces from the weave of the fabric to the selvage is recommended as this will help you determine how straight it is exactly. Cutting the pieces straight before sewing them together will help prevent against uncomfortable and lopsided clothes that look homemade.

5 Sewing Mistakes that will Make Your Clothes Look Homemade - sewing

4. Failure to use interface or opting for the wrong one

Though at times it may seem unnecessary, interfacing plays a very important role when it comes to perfectly sewn designs. Interfacing helps give your garment its exact shape that’s needed while strengthening different areas for extra durability. On top of that, interfacing gives your clothes a professional look and feel. To enhance the durability of your clothes and give them a professional feel, always make sure to not avoid interfacing and always use the right interface.

5. Leaving unfinished seams

Clothes with unfinished seams definitely look homemade and awful not to mention that they could also be a problem for you. The unraveling process starts as soon at the clothes are complete and becomes worse with time. You do not want to suffer wardrobe malfunction simply because of such unfinished seams but this is likely to happen with time. Whether visible or invisible, always make sure that the seam is finished properly to avoid problems in future. Always zigzag over all the raw edges especially if you do not have an over locking machine.


Whether you’re a professional tailor or just sewing for fun, having a reliable sewing machine is an essential you can’t overlook. There are many sewing machines that offer reliable features that’d help not only an amateur but also professional tailors achieve great results fast. Brother sewing and quilting machine sq9185 is one such sewing machine that’s undeniably reliable when it comes to stitch patterns, speed, precision and high performance. If you’re looking for a reliable sewing machine, it’d be worth looking at several reviews and consider the computerized options as they come with amazing features and are guaranteed to give you great results. However, always remember that great sewing machines aren’t a replacement for quality work and the mistakes discussed and others should be avoided.

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