How to Find the Ideal SEO Company for Your Handyman Business

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An SEO company is the key that most businesses need to go from a struggling startup to a fierce competitor in their industry. The handyman industry is no exception to this and is perhaps one of the most competitive industries out there.

How to Find the Ideal SEO Company for Your Handyman Business

If you plan to make an impact with your handyman business, you will need a high quality SEO company by your side.

How to Find the Ideal SEO Company for Your Handyman Business

Explore Competitor’s Sites

One of the best places to start on your search for your ideal SEO company is on the websites of your top competitors. Chances are, these businesses are using high quality marketing services and have used these to climb their way to the top in your industry. Many of your competitors will have their SEO company listed on their website, or vice versa.

If an agency has been successful in leading one or more of your competitors to success, chances are they will have similar success with your handyman business. They will have a knowledge of the industry and what customers of the industry will be expecting from your website, social media, and online presence overall.

Read Reviews

If you want to be extra sure that the SEO company you are considering hiring will be able to achieve good results for your handyman business, reading reviews can put your mind at ease. Whether you read reviews from other handyman companies that they have worked with or clients from other industries, they should help you get an idea of how the SEO company operates and what they are likely to do for your website. Reviews provide an unbiased opinion of an agency’s performance from past or present clients. Although you should still consider reviews carefully and ensure that they are trustworthy, the experiences of other business should inform your decision.

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Compare Quotes

Finding the ideal SEO company for your handyman business also involves considering the budget that you have available to work with. It is important to gather quotes from a range of agencies to determine an average price and narrow down which agencies will be best for you. You should set aside a reasonable budget for your SEO company as it is not cheap to market your website properly. If you receive a quote that is a much lower price than others, it is likely that the agency may use dodgy practices or will get you fast results that ultimately do not last and will not benefit your website. Expect to spend a few thousand dollars each month on your digital marketing campaign, however ensure that you know how this money is being used and that you are not being ripped off. Comparing quotes from a range of different agencies will help you determine which ones are too cheap, too expensive, and just right.


If you want to grow your handyman business and attract more customers to your services, having a good SEO company by your side is essential. To determine which agency, out of the many available ones out there, is best you must carefully consider a range of factors. Assessing your competition, reading reviews, and comparing the quotes you receive are just some of the ways that you can narrow down your options and select the best SEO company for your handyman business.

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