How To Create A Perfect Space For SEO Team Work

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It is a common fact that to grow your business and promote your website, blog, products, or services, you need to conduct high-quality search engine optimization for Google. In this context, organizing a separate SEO department is a game-winning decision and you’ll have a perfect SEO team.

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If you are not sure where to start, we have prepared a short guide on how to structure your SEO team and choose the right people for it.

How to Build a Perfect Team for SEO?

Just like in any matter, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for a winning SEO management team. But the common thing for many companies is that they leave no room for this department and integrate an SEO team in IT or so. If your aim is to get significant results in content creation and search engine optimization, you need to invest in a separate SEO team structure.

We are here to give you some general tips on how to organize your SEO management team to reach the best results.

  • Keep your team small. SEO is complicated and multifaceted, and it is better to have fewer but well-skilled employees than dozens of inexperienced newbies. It will be easier to manage the work and you can be sure you delegate the job to reliable people. Try to rather work on their communication and automation of some tasks, which leads us to the next point.
  • Involve agencies. It is important to have and grow professionals in your field, but it may be even more productive to turn to agencies and entrust them with some tasks. That is because they primarily focus on a few SEO branches and have access to larger sources. For instance, LinksManagement works best if you want to buy backlinks, as it is a proven link building service with enough experience under its belt.
  • Engage people with appropriate skills. Do not overburden employees with tasks they do not specialize in. You should not ask designers to create articles about real estate, and link builders to help you with the code. Web development, content creation, promotion, design, link building – these all are separate SEO branches, and it is better to have a skilled expert in each of them.

These tips are universal and can suit businesses of any niche and scale. Concerning the last tip in the list, we have also prepared a short overview of positions that could change the game if added to your SEO crew.

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A Winning SEO Team Structure: the 7 Key Positions

Search engine optimization embraces a range of major aspects, each of which requires special skills and knowledge. If your business is small, you can invest in a few individuals and get things done great, as well. But if you have grown a large company, you may want to consider addressing these components to several people. Here are the most important positions for your dream team.

  1. Team Leader. This person manages the whole team and does not participate directly in each task. He or she joins the game when it comes to employment issues and overall control over teamwork. This member also provides others with the necessary tools and means.
  2. SEO Strategist. No optimization process can take place fruitfully without a proper strategy. This person has a right to a final word for every discussion about further work. Also, he or she needs to understand how the world of SEO functions and keep up with current trends.
  3. Project Manager. This SEO team member breaks the strategy down to manageable tasks and runs separate projects. The PM is responsible for communication between other members and for the successful fulfillment of each task.
  4. Outreach & Link Building Expert. Backlinks are the most important part of off-page SEO, and building them in the right way requires special skills and knowledge. If you have enough resources, we highly recommend hiring a link building professional or turning to a specialized service.
  5. Content Department. It is a collective notion for a team that works with content, the number-one priority for any digital marketing oriented business. Content managers come up with content plans and evaluate the existing materials; copywriters are creative pillars of your SEO team that should have enough freedom to create outstanding content; editors polish these pieces to make them shine before publishing.
  6. Technical Lead. The technical side of SEO is not that obvious, but without that, the whole strategy can fail. Consider finding an IT specialist with excellent knowledge of technical SEO, WordPress, as well as several software languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, XML, PHP, CSS, Python, etc.
  7. Social Media Manager. Content promotion on social media is a huge SEO component, so it makes sense to hire an SMM expert if your target audience uses social media platforms and social media tools.

Certainly, you may not need all of these people if your goals do not imply it. Especially if you are a large-scale business, never forget to make an automated SEO process at any stage possible. This will save you an enormous amount of time and money: for some tasks, you do not have to open a separate vacancy.

Summing up

Organizing an SEO department seems to be a lot of work and responsibility. And it is true. But once you have done everything properly and according to your business needs, you may forget about struggles with content creation and optimization. After you arrange your perfect SEO team for an SEO department, work on maintaining and developing its structure. Make sure your employees feel free and comfortable and do not face any burnout risks.

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