Competitive SEO Analysis for B2B

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When it comes to the B2B space, you must be having a complete competitive analysis about it. The SEO competitive analysis plays a crucial part in the SEO strategy and ensures your SEO success. SEO is not that much of a straightforward field. To stay active with the success of your SEO, it is of higher importance to improve your SEO traffic and the CTR along with a better keyword position.

Competitive SEO Analysis for B2B

But to achieve all these, you must take some of your time to get a competitive SEO analysis so that you can understand your niche and the competition better. You can avail of the services of Los Angeles SEO to get access to the complete competitive SEO analysis. Here is the competitive SEO analysis for B2B that you need to know:

First of all, start with shortlisting your competitors

When it comes to the competitive SEO analysis for B2B, the first step that you should take is, selecting who your competitors are. The space of B2B is very competitive.  Now you might want to start with selecting the marketing giants like AWS, Google, Marketo, etc. however, focusing only on the giants can make you shift your focus from the other important information about your website. Thus, it is better to be more realistic about your competitors. Staying realistic with your competition will help you to have more information about your site and, at the same time, helps you to grow in a very systematic way.

At the same time, it is sometimes better to have different sets of competition based on each of the funnel stages. Also, you should keep in mind that your competitors will be different in various areas for marketing. You can perform a Google search with your keywords to find out your competitors from where you should select those whom you believe you can outperform.

Secondly, make proper use of your keywords

The keyword distribution and implementation play a very crucial part in your B2B marketing. Also, your SEO optimization is going nowhere without the proper decision about the keywords. While looking at some of your competitors, you might think that more of the keywords is the actual way to success. However, it is not. Rather the distribution of the keyword is more important in such cases. You can make use of the non-branded keywords with the proper strategy. Also, you need to look at various other areas, like if the keywords are having the proper volume or not, or if it is suitable for your topic or not. Also, focus on the diversification of your keywords. Also, you must have a thorough study on how your competitors are using the keywords to rank better.

At the same time, you must take a look at the keyword gaps and the opportunities on your site.  You need to think about your keyword gaps and the content gaps between you and your rivals. Look at various factors like how often they post, what kind of topic they cover, or what kind of post they come up with. It is highly important to focus on what kind of keyword they are using and how much space they are considering.

Competitive SEO Analysis for B2B - B2B

Thirdly, have a look at the technical areas for your B2B SEO

In your competitive analysis, you must take note of the technical health of your website and the SEO strategies. As a reader, you might find it quite annoying to deal with a website that is full of 404 errors and broken links. At the same time, if the website is slow enough, then it is an added irritation. As a website owner, you must not want your users to face such nuances. Thus, you must look at the technical health of your site. You can use the Google PageSpeed Insights to know the area that you need to fix on your site.

Finally, fix your time management 

Time management is quite crucial when you want to dive into competitor analysis for your B2B website.  So how much time should you spend on each of the steps?  For the gaps and the opportunities and for discussing the position of your keyword, you must try to spend most of your items.


When it comes to opting for a thorough competitive SEO analysis for your B2B marketing, you must not miss the important steps which are very effective for you. While following up the above-mentioned steps, you must focus on gaining the backlink opportunities which can help you to build up an authority for your B2B marketing.

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