Tips On How To Resolve Mobility Related Issues

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Mobility-related issues are becoming more and more common these days. They range from people with medical conditions to those who have sustained injuries. Added to that are folks who are getting older and who don’t have the same level of flexibility they used to possess.

Tips On How To Resolve Mobility Related Issues

People with mobility issues often feel vulnerable and alone as they face the challenges of living their everyday lives, and it can also be difficult when they are remodeling their living room. The good news is that there are many ways to resolve these problems, and that’s exactly what this article is all about.

Speak To A Mobility Specialist

Many mobility issues arise from a lack of knowledge of what’s out there to help. In most cases, an expert opinion is needed to provide proper guidance. A mobility specialist will have the training and experience necessary to help you find the right solutions. These solutions could be anything from bending aids such as reachers or grabbers to lifting tools that assist with getting up from chairs or beds. There may also be standing/walking products such as zimmer frames and walking sticks.

Get A Stairlift

Some people end up only able to use one floor of their home, sleeping downstairs in their front room. If someone has a stairlift fitted, it enables them to go up and down stairs without pain or the risk of falling. Because of these issues and more, Liverpool City Council has been constantly working to promote inclusion for anyone who has a disability. It’s fortunately possible to find a stairlift supplier in Liverpool that can provide 24-hour emergency support in addition to basic customer service. By visiting specialist websites, you can view customer reviews, company accreditations and helpful Youtube links.

Make Some Basic Changes

Support handles can be installed onto your furniture to make it easier for you to sit and stand. They can increase stability, relieve stress on joints and muscles and take pressure off the lower back. Both support handles and grab rails can be placed strategically near stairs and in the bathroom so you can lean on them. They may prevent a fall from occurring or lessen the impact of one. You can get support/grab bars that fit perfectly over your toilet seat and attach directly to the wall with screws. These features give you security without taking away any space inside your bathroom. Some people also find these helpful if they experience leg cramps while sitting down or standing up.

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Consider Commodes And Fall-Protection

By placing a commode at your bedside, it would reduce the amount of movement required during the night if you needed to use the toilet. This would reduce the chances of you taking a tumble in the dark. Non-slip mats and rugs can provide you with extra safety inside your bathroom or kitchen. For additional protection from slips and falls, make sure that all wires and cables are safely tucked away. It’s also important to declutter your home regularly so that things don’t get under your feet and items don’t fall out of cupboards when you open them.

Buy Walk-In Equipment

A walk-in bath is a type of tub that has been installed into the floor and allows for easy access. They are great options if you find it difficult to get in and out of a traditional bathtub, yet still want to bathe at home. Another option is to have a walk-in shower fitted, which is also easier to get in and out of. They are designed to prevent water from spilling over onto the surrounding floors or into other rooms. That’s good news should you ever leave your shower running too long without realising! Walk-in showers fit seamlessly into most bathrooms so they don’t look awkward like some baths do when installed against an exterior wall. They take up far less room than traditional baths, making more space for furniture and appliances.

Seek Medical Advice

If you have an ongoing condition it’s important not to ignore the pain, especially if it seems to be getting worse and it’s inhibiting your mobility. The first step is to visit your medical professional, who will be able to provide you with advice based on the symptoms you are experiencing. They may also recommend medical treatment or medication which can help reduce these symptoms and make it easier for you to continue doing your daily tasks. If you do what they suggest and it doesn’t seem to be improving things, don’t hesitate to return so they can investigate and advise further. It may be your medication needs to be reviewed, and an alternative sought.

Ask For Help

This is not an admission of defeat – you’re a soldier in a battle and you need some reinforcements! Asking for help is one step to resolving mobility-related issues. Ask family members, friends or co-workers for assistance if they are available. Perhaps they can buy some groceries for you or help with household cleaning tasks.  They may also be able to spend some time researching other options that could help you. By speaking to the right authorities, you may be able to access extra benefits, equipment and funding for house modification. There may be specialists who can assess your home needs and arrange for carers to visit you each day.

Take Care Of Yourself

Because you have mobility issues, it’s even more important that you stay as healthy as possible. This includes staying at the right weight for your BMI, thanks to a healthy diet. Try and take regular daily exercise and maintain a nightly routine of 7-8 hours sleep. If you are recommended to have physiotherapy or to visit a chiropractor, do so. Keep up with any exercises they ask you to do, and never miss taking your medication.

This article has provided a full picture of the many ways you can resolve your mobility issues. By implementing as many of them as possible, you will be all set for a more comfortable life and a greater measure of daily independence.

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