Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Walls at Home Stand Out

The colors and the patterns on your walls can set the tone for the whole room. They create the energy and the mood that the room transmits. Colors have the ability to make your room look more spacious, cramped, vibrant, energized, relaxed, or peaceful. They also say a lot about your personality. Statement walls can make you appear bold, neutral tones suggest minimalistic characters, and strong, dark colors reflect authoritative and power figures.

Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Walls at Home Stand Out

With that in mind, read through our article for renovation ideas that will not only reflect who you are but will also make your walls at home stand out. 

Stencils, Patterns, and Paint

Are you an artistic, minimalist soul who would love to get things done by hand yet keeping it simple? Using paint and stencils to upcycle your wall might just be the upgrade you need. Browse or hunt for different stencil options, and once you have found the shape that you fall in love with, start considering your color options. Choose a color that would complement the base color of your wall. Trace your stencil for a cleaner look, and make sure to leave equal spaces between your traced shapes. For a more precise look, you can use a paint pen since it is easier to control. 

Make Honeycombs

Another awesome idea for those who love to get creative is to create a honeycomb wall. All you need to put together this statement piece is a few too many wooden Popsicle sticks and two to three paint colors of your choice. Create connected, hexagonal shapes using the wooden Popsicle sticks and use a strong adhesive glue to stick them to the wall. Afterward, use the colors of your choice to fill in the hexagons; this setup will give your room a vibrant, cheery, and energized feel. This idea is new and unique, and the fact that it looks stunning will leave you proud.

Easy Art

If you love the idea of creating something by hand, but you are not too sure of taking on a complicated project, you can project a large image of something simple on your wall and paint it in a bold or striking color. For example, trace out the projected image of a globe or a bird on your wall, and paint it in gold or silver against a black or white base colored wall. You can also use a thin market or a sharpie to draw easy geometrical lines on your walls. They may even end up looking like cool optical illusions.

Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Walls at Home Stand Out - living room

Don’t Forget The Exterior!

When people think about walls at home, they tend to forget about the exterior of their home. However, the exterior is just as important as the inside. It is the first thing that visitors see when they arrive at your home. Moreover, it can be the first impression of you and the inside of your home. Therefore, make them anticipate what comes next by using stucco for your walls. Stucco looks great as it adds texture and gives character to your house, and the limitless color options for stucco allow you to make it as customizable as preferred. Though, the way it looks is not the only advantage stucco comes with; it can help seal out moisture, fill in hairline cracks, cover stains, and resist UV rays as well. 

Polaroid Wall

If you are a photographer, you are generally more inclined towards the photographic scene; you can create a Polaroid or a gallery wall. You can have it revolve around a certain theme of your choice. Maybe, they can be Polaroids of places or faces that inspire you, countries you have visited, or places that are at the top of your bucket list. The Polaroids can tell stories that hold deep meaning to you or images that you shot yourself. It will be something that you’d enjoy looking at and will reflect a minimized image of parts of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is a great way that you can identify with your room. In addition, it is easy to put up, take down, and replace. 

The walls, starting from the exterior of your home to the tiniest room in your home, have the power of impacting the feel and the mood of your whole home. Walls can tell a lot about a person and their character since the whole design process would be based on your personal preferences. If you’re unsure where to start, it’s best to look at online catalogs for inspiration and to jot down all the ideas that you can incorporate into your interior design.

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