How to Refurbish Your House on a Budget

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Refurbishing property can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to. In this article, the specialists at Property Solvers – experts in selling homes fast – will provide you with a few tips to help you save money as you refurbish your home.

How to Refurbish Your House on a Budget

Make a plan

Firstly, take note of all the elements of your property that need improving. Without a plan, it can be easy to go “off-script” and start spending money where it isn’t needed. Look at each room and list its existing problems or the changes you’d want to make, then research the tools, materials and equipment you’ll need to achieve this.


Completing the above task will help you to estimate the size of budget you’ll need. Be sensible here and include a contingency. It’s rare that home improvements come in under budget – after all, there may be some hidden issues that you won’t discover until further down the line.

Set firm timings

A schedule can be relatively difficult to calculate. Don’t rush yourself – remember to ensure you have time to rest and to achieve all of your other responsibilities alongside your refurbishment. However, try to set an achievable deadline. Failing to stick to a timeline may mean that the project is never really finished. Plus, you might find yourself spending extra due to delays – the cost of storage facilities, waste containers and new materials when your existing ones have warped or become damaged due to age can really drain your budget.

Reuse or upgrade

Be honest with yourself – do all of the furnishings and fittings need replacing? Are there a few items that look a little aged but still work perfectly well? If so, why not spend a few hours refreshing those pieces – sanding back or reupholstering chairs, giving kitchen units a lick of paint or a new door, or “upcycling” items to serve new purposes?

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Buy in bulk

When it comes to materials, how much do you think you’ll need of each? When it comes to things like cement, tile adhesive, paint and other products of this kind, you may find that there are deals available when you buy in bulk. It may feel as though you’re spending more at the time, but you’ll save a great deal in the long run. Just take care to research the shelf life of any perishables, as certain substances may spoil or congeal if you keep an open tin for too long or store it incorrectly.

Don’t “make do”

It can be tempting to opt for the most affordable item available, but, as the saying goes, “when you buy cheap, you buy twice”. This isn’t always the case, but it’s important to be savvy. If you see a deal that looks too good to be true, request free samples if you can, or go to visit the item in person. You should also check reviews and ask others for their experiences with said product or tool before you put down a payment.

Shop around

Of course, there are times when a “cheap” item is just as good, or better, than a costly one, so keep an eye out for great reviews of affordable tools or materials. It’s a particularly good idea to hunt down quality items and see whether other outlets have them available at lower prices. You should also take time to browse sales for high end items that have been reduced in price. Some stores offer “click and collect” too, so while you may be paying the same for the item as you would be anywhere else, you can save on the postage and packaging by picking it up in store yourself.

Ask around

There might be people in your local area – including friends and family – who have items that they wish to get rid of for cheap or free. Ask around in person or on social media and see whether you can get hold of good furniture that would otherwise go to the tip, or see if you can borrow tools from others.

Go to auctions, second hand shops or car boot sales

Auctions can be a really handy place to pick up quality items for very little money. Some things may never have been used and will have come from a house clearance or similar circumstances. You can also strike gold in charity shops, at car boot sales or on sites like ebay and Gumtree. Just remember to be sure of each item’s quality and don’t impulse buy!

Do it yourself or find help

One of the best ways to save money on your refurbishment is to do the majority of the work yourself. There are numerous handy YouTube videos you can use to learn for free, or you could ask a good friend or a number of family members to provide a little help here and there. Don’t take too many risks, though, and make sure you have the right tools and protection. It can be easy to make a costly – or dangerous – mistake!

Remember, don’t spend too much in the process of being thrifty! If you purchase a “dud” tool or spend hundreds of pounds on petrol as you collect items from miles around, you may as well have spent the same amount on elements of higher quality.

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